could we share any of our friends music perhaps? I have a few friends in different bands in different sorts of music and I thought it would be kinda cool to showboat them and help promote their good work and spread the word for them!

first off my best friends band, guy's been there for me through thick and thin, he's got my name inked on his ass and I got my knux done for him. Props to the band Strvngers. This duo started a cpl years ago and have released 2 music videos about to drop their third, they will be playing the Terminus festival here in Calgary AB Canada. check em out on Play Music, spotify, or their bandcamp

video mildly nsfw

Second band is a lot louder and way heavier, I know everyone in this band really well, well I should say old band, they've stopped working together this past year, but this album they released was fricking phenomenal, this is Sea of Dead Serpents, check em on bandcamp

Third I know a few of these people in this band, I've seen them, on so many occasions it's ridiculous, they've toured across Canada a cpl times and have played with the Cancer Bats, this is a new video they released a few weeks ago, the boys of Dusty Tucker, check out their latest album, the North Stone, available on Spotify, Play Music or on their Bandcamp