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    Re: RE Bawoo - Rebawoo

    Not so much Sazabi, more sinanju. At least that is what it looks like to me.

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    RE Bawoo - Rebawoo

    Time for an update guys! And thank you all for your interests in keeping up with this post! Today, we move onto the arms and the wings!

    p.s. The (Re)Bawoo is fun to build

    These are the first few steps of the (Re)Bawoo. Exact copies. Nothing new.

    But of course, since one is of Sleeves origin, there has to be a difference. And here's one.

    These two may not look different but the Rebawoo has grooves to insert the part with the engraved sleeves (will show later).

    Here's the Rebawoo's arms. Notice the grooves?

    And the rest is...the same

    Onto the wings!

    You are first required to build the thruster units, and they're copies. Now, the wings vary pretty dramatically so I will focus on each units. First the Bawoo.

    A few parts and a simple process.

    This is what you should have x2

    Now the Rebawoo

    Despite being really different, it's not so different in parts count.

    First you assemble the connectors

    Next, connect the lower wings. Then you take two almost rectangular parts and sandwich them.

    And before we go on may I just show this

    Normally, Bandai gets lazy with seam lines (even new parts) for P-Bandai kits. But with the Rebawoo, they went the extra mile to make this into a panel line/groove. Good job Bandai.

    Now to complete the wings

    Take the wee upper wing part and...

    Now attach to the booster units and...

    Then connect to the main body.

    Now, you are not instructed to work on the wings until after the upper and lower assembly. So why did I skip ahead? Because this.

    If you transformed the RE Bawoo, the Rebawoo is exactly the same. The Attackers still look cool. The only difference is that the Rebawoo doesn't use the missiles on the Attacker but the Nutter.

    Til next time!

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    Re: RE Bawoo - Rebawoo

    Looking good, I think I'm leaving towards the Rebawoo

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    RE Bawoo - Rebawoo

    Hello all!

    Thank you for your continued interest. Let's go on.

    Our build takes us to the waist, where they differ quite significantly.

    Of course, where they do differ is the front skirt.

    Next, the manual asks you to build the legs. First, you are to build the connector, the leg joints, and the ankle joint. They're 100% same for both kits.

    Now we move onto one area where they differ: feets. Though they look different, the construction process is pretty much identical.

    First, the Bawoo

    Sandwich those two parts

    And these

    Then these

    Then, connect the ankle joint with the ankle armor piece

    Now, connect them all together!

    Now, the Rebawoo. I mentioned earlier that the process is the same, so I'll just show photos.

    High heels! I don't like 'em!

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    Last time I left off at the high heels. Let's go on

    You are required to build the upper leg, which are identical

    And this. This is for the side thruster later.


    Bawoo's is simple. Put these two circle things in the groove and bam.

    The Rebawoo has you build a funny contraption for the side armor of the legs.

    Now, put everything together. Aside from what's been mentioned above, everything is the same.

    Now before we go on further, the instruction asks you to build a connector to the upper and lower body. Well...they're exactly the same.

    And connecting them is easy!

    Now, true to its status as the lovechild of the Bawoo and the Sinanju, the Rebawoo features a flexible side thruster on its legs.

    You take these three slick-looking pieces and...

    Then add these two thingamajigger

    Next, you take these three pieces

    And samdwich them to get the first part where seam line removal is a must.

    Then attach to the armor

    Now...remember the funny contraption you built for the Rebawoo? That's where you attach the leg armor.

    Now, the Rebawoo is not done yet. Its torso needs some more armor!

    Take these and attach them...

    After all is said and done, you should have...

    Next up, the Nutter and the guns and the end!

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    Re: RE Bawoo - Rebawoo

    Looking rather nice, liking the details.

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    Behold...the greatest thing to ever come out of the Gundam universe!

    The Bawoo Nutter!

    Remember the missiles? You attach them to the Nutter's skirt for the Rebawoo. So you can't use 'em like the Bawoo -_-


    The Rebawoo, probably thanks to high heels, is freakishly big. But thanks to the high heels...

    Make sure you get an Action Base!

    From here on, due to photo limits, I will only focus on the Rebawoo.

    The Rebawoo, of course, is using the MG Sinanju's Beam Rifle, no mods and nothing new.

    Because the Sinanju Rifle is from 12/08, Bandai has given you an extra hand part for the Beam Rifle.


    Unfortunately, you are only given two hand guards (one for each side), so you have to choose which one to use.

    The shield is new

    Instead of using the beam cannons, the Rebawoo for some reason has its covered.

    Attach that connector now.

    And before we go on, some of you may be wondering: do we get the Sinanju Grenade Launcher? Yes! And it fits right into the groove of the shield just like its parental unit the Sinanju!

    But no you get no bazooka

    Now here's something old...yet new.

    The Beam Axe is different! The MG features a sliding mechanism for the Beam Axe, but the Rebawoo took a chapter out of the HGUC/RG Sinanju's manual in its assembly.

    That's so cool!

    ...until you realize that the peg from the handle of the axe can only fit on the top. Wut...

    But you can do this Sinanju thing too.

    Haven't tried attaching a Bazooka.

    When that is all said and done...

    The Rebawoo is very different from the Bawoo at first glance, but not as much as I thought. Being a design that first appeared at the GFT short "One of Seventy-Two" alongside the Phenex, then the UC mangas, makes this kit an understandable P-Bandai choice. I foresaw this kit being a P-Bandai, but was excited for its announcement. If you can find one for under 6500 yen, and you want a Rebawoo, get the RE. The HGUC will be very difficult to work on unless you use the stickers as it does NOT have engravings detailed in (see Dalong). Plus, the waterslides are always a treat.

    The regular Bawoo is really a fantastic choice for the RE line. Not minding that its pilot is a womanizer, the Bawoo is a classic design long overdue for a new model incarnation. Plus, it ain't a P-Bandai, so if you want one, I recommend it! No doubt, there will be a Gunpla Builders' manly pink Bawoo, the MP Bawoo (green and gray), and the Unicorn version (which I will get too if it is announced).

    But should you choose to get your own Rebawoo, remember...

    Have an Action Base ready!

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