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    About Gundam Markers

    I'm still a beginner in terms of painting and panel lining, and I thought I'd give Gundam markers a try. I'm having a bit of an issue, though. I can't get the ink/paint to dry. :/ I'll use the Gundam markers to color a part, and the ink/paint mostly dries, but it always smudges off when I touch the piece. What I was wondering is if the ink/paint is supposed to do that, or if it's a sign that it isn't drying completely? How long does it usually take to dry? I've been using Sharpie oil based paint markers as a substitute, and those only take a few minutes to fully dry. No smudging or anything. I like the idea of Gundam markers because they come in colors that the Sharpie paint markers don't, and I want to be able to use them, but I can't do that if the ink/paint isn't completely drying and is smudging to the touch. So I was wondering if there's a time frame it usually takes for Gundam marker ink/paint to dry, or if it just smudges no matter what.
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    Re: About Gundam Markers

    I think it's because Gundam markers are meant to be used with a Q-tip to wipe off the exess ink not inside of a panel line, not for fully painting a part, you might want to try paint pens instead. Sorry I don't have much experience with Gundam markers so I can't help you much further from there.
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    Re: About Gundam Markers

    I always let paint dry overnight, and I use Gundam Markers a lot. Is it possible you're laying the paint on too thick, too?
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    Re: About Gundam Markers

    get a small fan to dry them quicker?

    Make sure you are not in a dusty place.

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    Re: About Gundam Markers

    i found that the gundam markers are more for small detailing like panel lining. on the other hand the other gundam markers with the thicker tip are able to be used as a regular method of painting. i found that those markers dry very, very quickly, like matter of seconds quick. just apply light even coats and you'll be fine.


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