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    Whats the difference between a resin kit, and a resin conversion kit?

    I have often wondered what the difference is between, a full resin kit, or a resin conversion kit. The reason I ask is Because I have been thinking about picking up A 1/100 sazabi ver ka. and While searching around I have ran into a sazabi resin kit, and a sazabi resin conversion kit, they were both the same scale. So I got rather confused because I dont know if I buy the resin conversion kit, if I need to get the regular kit too, and its just something I add on, or if its something that I can buy stand alone. Also metal detail sets were confusing because I would like to use one, and I have found them for the sazabi ver ka. But I don't know if its compatible with either the resin, or resin conversion kit. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. thank you

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    Re: Whats the difference between a resin kit, and a resin conversion kit?

    a resin kit is a full and complete model kit. A resin conversion just adds or upgrades parts to an already existing kit. Full resin kits are generally expensive. Conversions are less so. (And they're usually reserved for experienced modelers.) Not saying that you aren't one. Just thought you should know these things. hope this helps.
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    Re: Whats the difference between a resin kit, and a resin conversion kit?

    Also the metal upgrades can go on any kit. You just have to drill the hole for where you want the part to go an d glue it in place. So they can go for either plastic or resin.

    Also a full resin kit generally dose not move it is set in one pose. Where a model with the resin conversion kit can still move around .

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