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    Re: [RP] Mobile Suit Gundam: Hostile Frontiers

    "Well. To be fair, my mask isn't standard issue League attire. What with my face being public knowledge, there was some fear that the hood could be pulled off and blow my cover. Most people who lay eyes on this uniform usually end up dead, they're the League of Assassin's after all." explained Izra, "Still. Didn't think I'd miss wearing this as much as I did. It's far more comfortable than my race suit. Even with all the extras added on. Both suits were given to me by the League too, so it's weird to me. Haven't used the bow in years, hopefully my aim is still true."

    *he was riding around, getting used to it all again*

    "Board ain't fast, but damn if it ain't quiet." he said, "Thanks by the way. Don't know what to expect so going back with some useful people is taking some of the pressure off. Leave any member of the League to me when we run into them though.....You or your people kill a member of the League, it's blood for blood. I have some leeway in that regard. Wounding them shouldn't be a problem, I'll just deal the finishing blow. It'd mean I technically finished them, there's some room to argue about League law."

    (ooc: he's riding the board like how green goblin rides his goblin glider)

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    Re: [RP] Mobile Suit Gundam: Hostile Frontiers

    Marcov looked at her for a long minute before speaking, looking for any type of tell, so he could judge as to which direction to go. He settled on a mix, after seeing absolutely nothing from her.

    Straight to the point, a hard ass, not gonna sway her with words. She is wound a bit too tight for that, seen her type before, they only respond to a stronger authority, or the back of the hand. Either option is out of the question right now, no thanks to him. I will enjoy watching him squirm and cry like a little girl when I give him back to the laboratory to finish the trials. On with the games, give her just enough truth that they will believe the rest. Then get 0630B out of here, sorry honey but gonna need to liquidate you and the hole crew. Might keep the ship though, it would make a nice addition to my personal fleet. Too bad for her, her loss it could have been fun. Such a waist, you could have been a fun distraction, but I have to wrap this thing up with no lose ends. If I can get word out to my unit, they can send out a team and take care of this nice and quietly. Got to end this cat and mouse game here and now.

    “Well my lady, I’m a man who wears many hats, so to speak. But serf ice to say I have not been informed as of yet. Am I a prisoner or a person of interest? Either one is wrong by the way.

    But, for the record I’m Colonel Nathaniel Markov of the Jupiter Military, as for what section and branch that is classified. But I am able to tell you that I was on mission. You have in a way helped me, and for that I do thank you. I was deep under cover infiltrating that group of dissidents trying to get the “Head of the Beast” if you will. I was close, but that “mission” was unplanned and it happened to fast for me to get word out before it happened. Your taking me has facilitated my extraction without blowing my cover. Although the method of extraction, well it leaves a lot to be desired. I will have to insist on requesting a parlay with the ship’s Captain so I get my intel out to my command.
    That is one of the Hats that I ware, the other is secure and seizure of assets and persons of interest…..I collect enemies of the state and or escaped convicted prisoners. A State sanctioned bounty hunter so to speak.
    You are harboring a wanted man in your crew, a very dangerous man at that. Granted I was not ready to find him, nor did I have my extraction team with me and I underestimated him. Hell he wasn’t even on my radar, sort of a target of opportunity. Be that as it may, I must insist that you release him to me upon conclusion of this…this whatever you call it that we are having.
    I warn you he has killed many times before and he will do it again. Now that he knows I’m here to collect him, everyone on this ship is now in danger. He must be apprehended and held, for your safety. His record shows that he kills just to watch people die. He has no reason, never has, he just like to watch death. I warn you take prisoner 0630B into custody immediately.”

    Hanger bay:

    Bob got the crewman safely out to the hanger and went back into his suit. Bob went back and got back inside.

    “OK Buddy now what? The Captain said to bring him back alive. I know ….I don’t want to go back either….yes I thought of that…but I don’t think they would find that as fun as you and I would….ya it might be time to do that again but…really?....Do you really think they would stand up for us like that? I really hope that they would, but we have to think that they would be like all the others.. This sucks I like the Captain. He is the first one to treat us like normal people. He even talked to me, it was almost like a friend thing, you know not like the other ones. This time we didn’t have to kill him like 1000 times before he was nice to us. I think he actually sort of likes us, if you would believe that! ….Ya there is Carl maybe we could take him with us…crap you’re right she would want to tag along and we can’t have that now can we.…OK here is the game plan as of yesterday or today whatever. Hopefully we are going to a fleet area or someplace with other ships, we are going to have to go back to running….I know I really like it here too but if they….No I told you we can’t do that. As much fun as it would be to cut him up into small bite size pieces and feed him to Monkeys the others might not see the funny side of that. Plus where would we get the Monkeys?….. then we really don’t have much of a choice now do we. This time we go back to the Mothership rearm and get her working and fight. They want us then they will get us.”

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