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    Re: [RP] Mobile Suit Gundam: Hostile Frontiers

    When Carl had jumped from the ship it was at the exact moment the blinding smokescreen had happened. "Oh sweet mother of god, who would do such a thing?" he yelled out as all of his cameras went blank. Using the telemetry from his other instruments he was able to fire his leg thrusters and make a capable landing. Once his cameras flickered back on he saw that he was surrounded by enemy Mobile Suits, all with their weapons pointed at him. He quickly pointed at one of them. "Whatever it is, he did it."

    "I'm a she."

    "Whatever, just go with it."


    "You surrender? Very well, I accept. "

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    Re: [RP] Mobile Suit Gundam: Hostile Frontiers

    Quote Originally Posted by Zeon's RedComet View Post
    Antartic Base-Assault on XF-005

    "It's time." The Hyaku Shiki began to spearhead their part of the Assault, It's beam smartgun at the ready. The G-Self Tricky was following them as were two stark Jegans, and four of the new Rosettes the White room brought the Local forces (OOC: http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/RX-107_Rosette )

    "Picking up enemy comm chatter in the base." Blackstar said on his usual private line to Boone.

    Harris Nodded "Put them though."

    "That AI of your's work?" Thomas asked, after the incident at the Palace with the Highway Star team's assault for the Gundanium he had heard all about Blackstar after their quick meeting as radio communication was now heard, a man was heard barking orders about sending the guntanks to fortify the entrances and to get his and some wingman's suit ready.

    "The one and only." Blackstar said with some pride. "Mister Hommell, may I suggest using the frequency data I have to scramble any picking up of our own communiques?"

    "Sure." He did just that. As they got closer, fire began pelting them the G-self tricky put up it's defensive shields. At all of the gates arround the facility Guntank Local control types were appearing three at each (OOC http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/RMV-3M_...l_Type_Guntank ) as well as GM Sniper Ground Types though they were using modernized beam weapons instead of being tethered to Generators, each one was painted in Snow Camo. "Seems they were prepared for the area."

    "Send out the Hellfire units." then came over the comms, and speeding past the Snipers and Tanks out of each door came three High Mobility Daughtress' Each with Flame Throwers equipped, their speed was obviously enhanced each unit no longer being stock. "Damn it's fire wallabys."

    The G-Self fired at one, and the Hyaku Shiki B fired at another both were missed, even with the beam smartgun of the Hyaku Shiki B barely missing. "They're quick don't let them get close."

    Susan and the Epyon where about to reach their target when the hostile forces appeared. Within milliseconds on visual contact, A.R.E.S was feeding Susan information on the enemy units. Their type, location, weaponry, particle output and potential weaknesses found. She used the Heat Rod to grapple the nearest Daughtress and pull it towards her. With a clean cut of the beam sword, the unit was destroyed. The two other ones where sliding around her, trying to attack a blind spot. Susan acquired another target and swung the Heat Rod again at it. This time the Daughtress dodged the initial swipe, continuing it's move till it was hit by a shot from Lukas's beam cannon. The last Daughtress managed to burn Epyons wings for a brief moment. This was however a short success as Susan grappled and started to melt it's armor. The Heat Rod started to glow as it's cut down the lightly armored unit.*

    The GM snipers had triangulated the location of Lukas and Graham and started their counterattack. Both units fired at the Griepe with their beam rifles.

    "Shit, incoming! Four O'Clock!"

    "I see em." Planet defensors flew directly into the path of the shots, dissipating their particles and rendering them harmless. Lukas fired back almost immediately, killing one of the Snipers. The second one tried to relocate but it was too slow, as the Epyon flew right at it, cutting it down with it's beam saber. The Guntanks tried to hold off the attackers to the best of their ability, but against these suits, it was not enough. Susan swung her blade, each stroke destroying a Guntank.

    "Yessh, little sister is cleaning up the house."

    "That system...it's straight up terror."

    Mizvec observed the situation and was rather pleased. "Excellent work all around. Reserve team, spread out and assist the Union forces where ever needed."

    "ROGER!" The Gullinburstis scattered in to groups three, each one heading into the one of the alternative gate ways.

    Mizvec contacted Geraldson. "Admiral, my men have secured their gate for the time being, shall I order them to advance further into the facility?"

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    Re: [RP] Mobile Suit Gundam: Hostile Frontiers

    The Hyaku Shiki B fired off it's missile pods as it flew up overhead and then fired the beam smart gun taking out the GM's . "Thomas, I'll take ranged support, can you handle the Daughtress'?" he asked.

    "Easily." he said he put up his Suit's barrier as one got close, as it did, he fired his beam rifle, his support units began firing as well, taking another one of them down, the last remaining daughtress came in, the Guntank at the door supporting it from affair towards the G-Self, Thomas dodged the fire and the shelling both, before firing the Tricky's trump card, to the pilot of the daughtress they saw a second G-self charge it but when it hit the controls went dead Thomas fired at it taking it out. Above the Hyaku Shiki had taken out the support at the door.

    "We're ready as well." Boone said as Mizvec's call came over the radio as well.

    "So are we, we're at the door now." Bell's team said at their door. It wasn't but a few seconds later that Thomas and Boone began entering the facilities.

    "Good work everyone." the Admiral called. "Hommel I want you to begin transmitting data from the bases archives. anything regarding inventory specifically and send it to me, understood?"

    "Roger that." Thomas said begining.

    "I'll help sift though the data." Blackstar said over private comms.

    It wasn't long before the back up from the SSS showed up, with them arriving thomas said over private comms to Boone; "I thought we were supposed to be analyzing them, here they are babysitting us and this inventory, we're here for more than the base if that wasn't obvious."

    "Back-up is back-up, may as well use it." Boone said pragmatically "Don't let it wound your pride kid. And yeah we're here for something more than just enforcing territorial rights."

    A few seconds later, the second wave of suits from in the base began scrambling, each corridor had a handful of units appearing in it now mainly leos with extra armor and shotguns, leading them were two [GS] Gundam types per Leo Group. (OOC http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/RX-79%E..._Ground_Type_S )

    "Seems they're better equipped than expected." boone said firing though a Leo. "Detatching the flight pack." he said, the large enhanced backpack the Hyaku Shiki B made use of detached revealing a normal Hyaku shiki backpack sans wing binders. "There we go breathing room." He moved in dodging to the left and firing the beam smart gun into another leo.

    Working in Unison with him Thomas blocked a shot from one of the gundams and then fired at it, the Gundam avoided it but at the cost of a Leo behind the Gundam getting it.


    Deeper in the base

    "Seems they're in." said a tall man with short blonde hair watching a monitor.

    A shorter one with longer hair of the same shade scoffed next to him. "Mediocre!" he said about the fact they'd made it in. "We'll have to do this ourselves it seems, let's launch brother." He said leading the way out of the dimly lit control room they were in an MS hangar several MS were around. "Ravens! It seems our hired help is mostly adept at getting it's ass kicked, we're launching." he said to the hangar below, lining the room were twelve Deep purple MS, pilots standing near each one in black normal suits. In the center of the hangar stood two gundams flanked on either side by the ten other suits nearly matching, the brother's suits, the G04 and G05 painted in the same purple as their mercenary company. (OOC: They're painted like this: https://i.imgur.com/R6batjt.png )

    They all saluted and got into their suits as did the brothers.

    - - - Updated - - -



    In the Highway Star Lance was watching the battle unfold coordinating it "Sir, we're reading that Carl has stopped."

    "What? What's a matter? Is his suit fine?" Lance asked.

    "He is, there's also enemy activity near him, if I had to guess he's pinned down."

    "Send someone to survey the situation." Lance said not wanting to make a hasty choice. He sighed. "Seems we're making a pushback." he said, the enemy lines seemed to be crumbling now. "Status reports from the ground teams?"

    "SAS is clearing out groups of troops on the ground as they come acrossed them."

    Jensen chimed in over the radio after that "We're taking out rooftop support left and right up here, working in tandem with the suits on base jabbers, it's basically their suits they have left now. Sir, I think now is the time, this place is as evacuated as it's going to be I think."

    "Your man's right." an SAS officer chimmed over the mic. "We just got a group to safety ourselves if you can draw them away from their center position we'll be able to get the rest if not...well I hate to say it but one small group."

    "Needs of the many." Lance said, they did get the majority of it. "Everyone try drawing them away, hit their outside forces with everything you have."

    "This is commander Nordschleife, we just took a wing of their Jegans out. North side." he said, down on the ground the Blue ZAKU Warrior Prototype fired at another one before dodging another one's fire. "This is no normal ZAKU Boy!" taking them both out with quick shots from it's canons meanwhile three of his men under his command in a Black and Purple ZAKU Blaze, Gunner, and Slash went in for a three pronged attack on another the Blaze distracting them while the Gunner fired from below and the Slash came in with it's large axe taking it out adding three Jegans to the other destroyed ones around them.

    "Good work." Lance said from his Chair observing the situation.
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    Re: [RP] Mobile Suit Gundam: Hostile Frontiers

    Bob watched as the man flew through the air and hit the face optics of a Zaku who was rushing towards him and Nova. That slowed the zaku down just enough that it was not caught in the blast, as the strumer Faust hit right next to Bob, a second was going to hit Bob right in the head but he ducked at the last moment getting an alert from Buddy. As he spun bringing up his shield, the Bazooka round hit dead center. Nova stepped aside as the stumer Faust landed right where she was standing. The explosion throwing up chunks of street into the Tall geese.
    Bob looked at where the shots came from, and saw the Kempfer coming straight at him. There was another MS on top of the building as well but he was staying there, aiming a rather large gun down at them.

    Bob took evasive action throwing another person towards the Kempfer, as he moved the kempfer stayed on target following Bobs every move.

    “Nova, go I got this….apparently he wants me anyway”

    With that Bob jumped out of the path of another Bazooka shot and shot his rifle at the Kempfer as he launched towards it.


    The ground forces saw what was happening, the MS were being taken out systematically and they were losing ground. The ship in the air above took damage but nothing that would stop it from bringing down fire from above. The B squads in the building started to take up defensive positions be it with a limited number of troops. Some of their number seemed to have lost the will to go on and have left the field, others were ready to go to the end.
    The Commander opened communications to his remaining leaders.

    “Use stall tactics, get them to gather in close then set off the rest of the charges. MS teams….clear the roof tops we may be losing ground, but we can still make them pay. Then join the rest in evac. We have made our point here today, no need to die needlessly. My self and our XO will take on these new protectors of Mars. My the Earth federation live and retake the full a rightful place at the head of all leadership!”

    Troops in buildings set up their snare systems. Two teams watched as a Cat MS was running around, it looked to be protecting the MS it was with. The remaining troops on the roof tops trying to keep low to avoid the incoming sniper fire started to push the civilians off the roofs. This set off a fight or flight in the civilians, and they started to fight. Some actually threw a couple of troops off the roofs. They found their will to live and fought back.

    “That suit needs to be slowed down or stopped, set up and take it out. Time to snare our first catch of the day.”

    As the cat ran around shooting at the MS three teams set up a route trap and let lose. Streams of sticky foam showered from three points cutting off the cats routs. The foam stuck to its frame and they started to aim at its legs and face. The men new deep down that this was a one way trap, they were not going to walk away, but neither was that suit. One man held a trigger switch.

    “When they come in to save their comrades we blow the rest of the trap and bring this building down on them. Glory in death brothers!”

    Well here he comes, I have to be ready that is anew suit and I don’t know how it works yet. And there is a very small chance that this is not him.

    He jumped off the building, just dodging Bobs shot. He headed straight at Bob firing two beam pistols. They met midair with a crash. They started to grapple as they both fell back to the ground. Suit punching suit.

    “DO you have any idea how long it took us to put this suit together?!? Hell we haven’t even had time to finish painting it and your stupid little gun show here made me miss my lunch time and my NAP TIME!”

    Bob took a few hits but blocked them with is shield. He liked this shield it was attached to his arm so he really did not lose a hand having to hold it. This gave him two arms to fight with.

    “Now with all this punching you’re scratching Buddy You rat bastard!”

    With those words the Colonel knew it was his target, there was only one Buddy, or at least only one pilot he knew that called their suit Buddy.

    “Well Mr.0630B I finally find you, what happened to the system you stole? It really doesn’t matter you are coming back with me. Now!”

    Bob froze, his blood turned to ice. That voice it was him, he found him. Memories started to rush over Bob of things that he had hoped to never have to deal with again. He thought he was free, new name, new suit, and he was part of a team, a new team but here he was still coming after him.
    Bob could not move fear had him in its grip, but he could hear something in the back of his mind calling him, talking him through this, bringing him back.
    Buddy was calling, Buddy needed his help.
    The Kempfer slammed Bob into the ground and pounded the suit with heavy blows trying to find the hatch opening and pulling at the links in the armor.
    Bob snapped out of his fear and listened to buddy and what he said.

    “I understand Buddy, we can do this….take it…lets go home..”

    As Bob looked at the Kempfer and came around to the fight he kicked up into the Kempfer at the same time grabbed one of its arms the last thought he had was simple.

    “no no no NO NO! Not AGAIN I WON’T GO BACK!”
    The Kempfers spun with the kick using the momentum he released his mine chain and wrapped it around Bob.

    “Well at least one of my pilots knows how to fight.”

    The commander watched as the strap teams went after that cat suit and his last Lieutenant fought with that colored suit. But that fast mover was still here, mocking him and his men. He addressed that suit at the same time data linked his XO in on his plan.
    Launching towards the Tallgeese he opened a free channel.

    “Nice little plan you had there, fly in fast disarm my men and set them up to be slaughtered by your people. Was this your attempt to show just how much better you think you are? Your fast but looks like you don’t have it in you to actually do what it takes to win. Not one kill to your name. NOT ONE! You try to mock me with your inability to fight. You fight, no wrong words, you pilot like a weak willed women, always thinking you can work it out peacefully. I will show you what it means to fight.”

    At the same time his XO was setting up his shot, he was in the perfect position directly behind the white and gold suit. He took aim at one of its two flight pods. Waiting for his queue he lined up the shot.
    As the Captain spoke the words “not one” rang in his ears and he fired his rifle at full power.


    1 jegan and 3 ZAKU surrounded a lone suit.

    “What?? ….No you idiot, not us you. You surrender. We out number you can’t you count? O’ hell with this light him up boys”

    At that they fired on the lone suit.


    “I’m Colonel Nathaniel Marcov. And you are property of the Jupiter alliance you are coming back with me. You have had your little fun, thinking you actually exist. Time to go back into your box.”

    The words hit Bob and he gave himself further into Buddy.

    “NO we are free! We exist! You can’t do this not again not ever again!.”

    The mines exploded around Bob the cockpit shook and the lights blinked for a moment.

    No buddy we can do this together, we are better now, we are stronger as one, this time we end this thing. Look at this new body I gave you. Just hold on

    “You are nothing but a number,0630B a number. Now stop this fighting and come back quietly, if not I will bring you back in pieces. You know it won’t matter, one piece or in parts you are going back in.”

    The Kempfer stood over Bob, his suit smoking and a few of his armor plates were broken of gone. But he still started to roll over to get back up. As he started to get up the Kempfer kicked him back down. Bob rolled with the kick and as he rolled he light up his shield. Two beam axes flipped open and joined at the front of the shield, making it into a giant sword. He swung the blades catching the colonel off guard and cut one of the legs of the Kempfer. It was almost cut completely off, but the Kempfer pulled back just in time.

    As Bob got up and faced the Colonel. A strange new voice came over the coms, it was Bob but different, like he was talking through voice generator.

    “I am Enforcement unit 0630. We have no intention of returning with you today. We would advise the Colonel to leave this field of battle before we are forced to protect our self. This will be your first and final warning. Leave and do not return, or we will consider this an act of war and proper protocols will be enforced.”

    The Colonel took a step back for a moment startled.

    “So you finally did it. You finally achieved full integration. Sorry but now I really can’t let you go. I have a job to do and I mean to finish it. But before you intact war Fighting protocols I have one thing to say.”

    He took one weak step forward.

    “Protection protocol 0115 “Rings of Saturn” do you copy?”

    Bob stood still silent.

    “Rings of Saturn” protocol 0115 enacted…command over ride waiting authorization…waiting…waiting”

    “Command over ride authorization 06115 Marcove. New commands, follow and protect.”

    “Command over ride accepted. New command prompt, follow and protect.”

    “Good follow me, we are leaving this shit show. Time to go home.”

    The Kempfer turned and started to leave, walking was hard with one leg almost cut off. But the suit limped forward. The colonel set his thrusters to launch up. As he turned his back towards Bob. The Suits eyes lit up with a red glow and the axes reactivated. In one fast move Bob swept the shield across and under the Kempfer. Cutting the leg the rest of the way off. Then continued the arc of the cut down and into the back of the Kempfer and cut down ripping the lower section in two.

    “Protocol 0115 follow and protect. We protect Captain Lance Bonaparte. You are a threat to the safety of Captain Lance Bonaparte.. Protect Captain Bonaparte.”

    The Colonel was shocked as his suit was cut away around him. He looked up at the suit now standing over him.


    Laughter was all he heard. Bob and Buddy were both laughing at him. The laughing got louder and faster. It was the laughter of a mad man. Bobs vice came back, this time normal.

    “You HAHAHA AHHA you actually thought we would not get rid HE HE HA HA HO HO HA HE HE HA!! rid of the over ride protocals?!!?? That was the first thing we did you silly f**king dolt! HA HA HA HA Now you get to pay for your sh*t!
    MY name is Bob, BOB DODGE !”

    Leaning in close

    “You really should have listened to the name…. you should have dodged us all together.”

    Bob reached into the Kempfer and ripped the cock pit the rest of the way open and grabbed the Colonel. He switched to a private com channel that Buddy remembered. It went straight to lance.

    “Your call my Captain, kill ‘em or keep ‘em? He’s the one who has been chasing us. He’s the Colonel from Jupiter I told you about.”

    Bob squeezed harder making the Colonel scream as a few bones broke.
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    Re: [RP] Mobile Suit Gundam: Hostile Frontiers

    "Self preservation systems active." stated Ace as he was sprayed with foam, he seemed to have been cut off

    "Ace, Code 74-8-Delta." said Izra

    *Ace's eyes glowed and fired into the buildings with his eye lasers with no capability for remorse Ace fired until the buildings collapsed and became rubble, with the rubble Ace jumped from spot to spot until he was back next to Izra with pure cat like reflexes*

    "Pfft....Like that was gonna work."

    "This AI appreciates it's Master."

    "Code 87-3-Zeta." said Izra

    "Oi....What'd I say about using that?"

    "Not to, didn't have a choice." said Izra

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    Re: [RP] Mobile Suit Gundam: Hostile Frontiers

    "Bring him back. I'm curious about this operation." Lance answered Bob. "Guzman, you get some of your guys to provide cover for bob. Same goes for ours." he said issuing orders for some guys to get on the Ship and begin giving covering fire for Bob's return. "From the sounds of it we'll need a medical team, get one to the hangar to greet our guest."
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    Re: [RP] Mobile Suit Gundam: Hostile Frontiers

    "Roger that Boss man.I will bring him onboard."

    Turning to look at Marcov.

    "The Boss says I have to bring you up to talk to him. So I guess I can't see it you are squishy in the inside. Aren't you the lucky one today!"

    Repositioning the colonel in his MS hand Bob "accidentally" drops him. The Colonel hits the ground in a heap among the rubble. This starts a new string of screams of pain and a long sting of cursing at Bob, but mostly pain.

    "OOPS sorry, butter fingers."

    Bob picked him back up and headed off back to the Highway star.

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