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    MSG: Hostile Frontiers Discussion thread

    Set up:

    The year is Space Age 21, The end of the conflict that has came to be known as the Decade Conflict, a large scale war between the Earth Union and Martian confederate the first interplanetary war, and the first large scale conflict fought with Mobile Suits in it'e entirety, has been at a close for two years. The two years following not being the peace most brokered for, Martian City states outside of the Martial Confederation's jurisdiction war for one another, and the asteroid belt and outer martian sphere are plagued with pirates and merc bands warring for money and territory, picking the frontier apart, something one time hidden by the war efforts during what was supposed to be an era of spacial expansion, but where a new Frontier lies law usually doesn't yet.

    This is evident most notably in the asteroid belt, where the post war arms trade from scrap has led several of these one time small mercenary, pirate, and outlaw bands to become paramilitary groups, if not small nations in their own right, alliances forming just as quickly as betrayals, some areas and groups more stable than others, others complete wildcards, it's a big place, and it keeps getting smaller, some stabilizing forces have emerged but trade routes are still at the mercy of Protection 'Taxes' levied by the local warlords, slowing most trade between Jupier and the inner spheres of the solar system the only areas safe from attack, relatively being Mars sphere, and the other side in Jupiter Fleet controlled space. Jupiter having a big stake in more stable shipping lanes has been goading mars and earth to take action, while getting mars to muster a token force to deal with their own Martian sphere piracy issues and the outer fringes of the asteroid belt, the efforts haven't done much leading Jupiter to strike deals with some of the bigger warlords, bringing some stability to it, but not enough, the lucrative hauls of Helium-3 still a tantalizing target.

    Meanwhile Earth sphere seemingly prosperous from afar isn't much better, mostly ruled from the colonies the earth lies beneath, while the mass exodus nearly 30 years earlier to the colonies and beyond have lessened the strain on it's eco systems, a good deal of the population still struggles day to day in the massive cities, and while things looked up before the war the economic strain caused by the massive ten year long conflict with the Mars Confederation has left it's mark. Using the post war economy several corporations and formerly undeveloped countries now booming due to wartime natural resource trade have been using the time to consolidate economic bubbles, giving hope of some stabilization to come to some civilians. This growth welcomed by the Earth Union, but leading quickly to the formations of Monopolies stabilizing as they seem to be in the short term, government and private sector seemingly merging more and more than it already was Pre-War, at least more openly. While seemingly grim the changes have been welcomed by most as more and more of earth is recovering due to the effort, so most turn a blind eye.

    Due to this there's massive opportunity, a peacetime most consider without peace in yet another era of change the next few months could be easily what determines what happens for the next century or more, as the fate of the outer, and even inner solar system is about to be shaken again, with a fledgling nation, and pirate crew ahead.


    Major Factions:

    Earth Union: Founded in 2085 long before the begining of what would be come the space colonization programs in the year 2090, shortly after what has become known as the third World War. The Earth Union was borne from the restructuring of the previously disbanded UN that occurred in the year 2073. The organization is more binding than the UN but not a nation in a strict sense, it organized the world into mostly a few sects of blocs, done by combining several nations, despite this, even over a century later, there are still evident national identities, the blocs mostly done for economics and government representation. As time went on the Union has grown more powerful but most of it's power is still held in struggles between blocs, with various families and corporation, dependent on the bloc holding allot of sway in the ongoings and elections. (Going to list the blocs and how they work a bit later, they're sorta factions-sorta not, you don't have to be deeply tied to any of them for any characters here)

    Mars Confederate: Founded by several martian city states in a bid to make Mars, or the majority of it less reliant on Earth, it's ratification with the Olympus accords marked the begining of the space age, with the year 2205AD becoming 0001 SA wile not completely independent from earth in the beginning the Confederate as of now is. Not as tight knit or binding as the Earth Union is the Confederate is very much in growing pains, having originally been formed as a means to garner some level of economic-not governance-strength on it's own via allowing several of it's major city states, to trade more openly with the private sectors in Jupiter and the Asteroid belt, they were not prepared for the post war reality that hit them after the conclusion of the Decade Conflict. While during war time they were unified, mostly out of need for a war that snowballed from a, at least claimed, un affiliated martian terror group on an Earth Embassy, and millitary base on mars. In the post war however there is a large rift between the officials of various branches as they decide how to lead and turn what was formally a pact forged out of economic need, to one that now needs to be one of full governance.

    Elegia: A former PMC that was based on mars and served under the employ of the Mars Confederate. Led by Sierra Hargrave, they now reside in the asteroid base Xi-2322, formerly a mining colony, turned pirate base Hargrave took it over during her groups exodus from mars in the late stages in the war, taking not only her own troops but civilian refugees and deserters from the Martian Militia, who wanted to leave as well, though she was reluctant to take them on, especially the civilians she did anyways. Most claim it was a power play to strike out with a big force, others think it was an act of pity for those effected by the war on mars who the Confederate had forsaken at the time. If one where to ask her she'd say it's both. The group provides an area of retaliative stability, by asteroid belt standards at the least, the asteroid is a haven for Mercs, Arms Dealers, pirates and shipping captains alike, and while criminal activity is abundant, the area has became safer for transports between Jupiter and the inner system leading to quite a bit of backing from the Jupiter Fleet, of which Sierra is using to generate her slice of the frontier into a nation, born as a place for the rejects of society that don't fit in there. Her rules are simple, don't fuck her or the people under her protection over, and she won't space you out of an airlock.

    Highway Star sometimes called Bonaparte's Merry Band or the Ghost of the Frontier: Neither are an official faction name, but rather the name of a ship, and the moniker given to it's crew by those who have interacted with them. Led by the captain Lance 'The masked pirate' Bonaparte as the name would suggest, the crew has been an active force in the asteroid belt since the tail end of the war much like Elegia. The crew has a reputation for piracy but most of it's business actually comes from smuggling and mercenary work, against other pirates mostly as well as the occasional plundering of vessels, mostly on what most consider the wrong part of the belt, the part closest to Mars. Due to the ships seeming ability to vanish in between attacks at times due to it's maneuverability, as well as it's seeming ability to usually catch it's prey unaware it's been dubbed the Ghost of the Frontier, becoming, like it'e enigmatic captain some what of a legend. (This is the main faction, the protagonist one if you would)


    Tech Notes:

    MS are powered by a sort of Fusion reactor similar to Minovsky reactors from the UC. MS also come from smaller mechs known as powered loaders, which where used in the later parts of the 21st century as military machines known as Powered Walkers, before the invention and wide adoption of the larger, mobile suit.

    Beam Weapons are pretty much like you see in most Gundam works, but as of yet haven't really taken off, they were mostly used on ships up until the end of the war, they've gotten compact in the last few years of the war, but ballistic weapons have remained a popular choice for allot of applications and are seen just as frequently if not a tad more so than beam weaponry.

    Gundanium armor isn't impervious, but is a more durable material as most as you would of guessed, it's invention leading to more rail-guns, melee weapons, and beam weapons on the field though larger rounds of normal ammo can also take a toll on it, the alloy was also first made on mars (who made the first Gundam's eight years ago) but has since been leaked to several corporations and is accessible and manufactured even in the asteroid belt, it's still expensive though. Due to it's weight it's often only employed by key parts of a machine, also reducing costs.


    Timeline of past events:

    2031: Later than intended, Space X sends it's first manned mission to Mars, the small group of people making it there six months later, establishing the first off world permnant base. A few decades later the last member of the mission died, all regarded as heroes by the scientific communities.

    2049: Research into AI tech is reaching an all time high, though it would be the better part of a century before the breakthough for a true 'Smart' AI could be made.

    2073: Growing global tensions as world resources diminish result in the disbanding of the UN, though historian's say, despite officially existing the orginization was more or less rendered defunct years before, due to it's lack of power and being disregarded by most member nations at that point.

    2077: A public coup backed by the last few countries with royal families in europe succeeds following rising tensions with failing economies in most of South Western Europe and the British Isles, established at least publically on the principles of Noblesse Oblige. The establishment led to a ressurection of a few old noble familes in houses as well as new ones, and established a consitutional monarchy that controlled most of south western europe.

    2078: World War three errupts after growing tensions between an alliance of middle eastern states and the European Leauge rose. Due to alliances the US, was dragged in on europes side, while China was drug in on side of the Middle East. Breaking agreements with both sides several non Commonwealth european countries stayed out of the conflict, including Russia.

    2083: The end of World war three is brokered. During the conflict mulititudes of cities were bombed, and no less than five nuclear detonations occured in the last few months (Thankfully they were the only ones at that) the peace treaty known as the Treaty of Kiev was drafted in Russia who's intervention in the war (after presure from the US at first to stay out of it, or join them) had helped bring it to a head.

    2085: Earth Union is established, many economic reforms are brought to head as well as a rebuilding policy to help countries still not fully recovered from the war. The proposal for the Space colinization project is drafted and approved.

    2090: Construction begins on four orbital elevators, made in part to help with the colonization proceedings, as well as serve as struts for an eventual solar ring array to help elivated energy issues on earth. A perminante moon base is stablished at Armstrong Point, eventually becoming the 'Hub of Luna'

    2125: The final (at the time) proposed orbital colony is finished, the seven proceeding it already filled and finished. The first of which known as Arcadia serving as the meeting seat of the Earth Union House of Representitives. Colony Corp, a then government corperation is bought out by private firm Clarkson Electronics, mostly for their tooling and resources, the EU uses the money, offically on welfare programs for the colonies.

    2128: Ministry of Space science director Hugo Farnsworth proposes a long term Mars colonization project, and begins recruiting people to work on terraforming prospects, as well as partnering with Clarkson Electronics and Vision Aerospace for construction of vehicles .

    2130: The discovery of Micro Fusion using Helium-3 prompts a new reactor technology race as well as new intrests in collecting said Helium from Jupiter. Within the next three years the Jupiter Fleet is established a coopted project between the Ministry of Space and Enegy conglomerates from Earth.

    2135: Following years of trials successful small scale tests of terriforming on ravaged and desert areas of earth are successful, allowing for a rejuvination of some areas of earth as well as leading to promising news for those working on the Mars project. Later that year a craft would be sent with numrous probes to impact Mars and deliver some of these decives, the mission dubbed Genesis.

    2137: Following two years of waiting, the first 'Habitable zones' on Mars appear. Though it is projected that it would take another decade for the planet to be habitable.

    2150: Due to the conditions of mars, the push to send a team there increases, the first mission of many is launched with a small, but impressive 50 people being sent to test conditions for a year before larger investment. Work on a new evolution to the Mobile Loaders used to construct the colony begins for help on mars. General J. Marston sees potential in the research and gets Department of Defense Research (DoDR) to pour in funding as well.

    2152: The second wave of Mars colonists is sent off, the missions co-oping tech from long range astroid belt mining missions both manned and unmanned as well as programs started by the Earth Union promising Land to any Earth Citizen's willing to engage in helping the establishment of their territory. Intrest sky rockets as a second landboom occurs over the next decade and a half.

    2167: Ares City, the first martian City reaches a population of 750,000, while far larger than any city on the surface of mars, other cities continue to see an upward soar as well as rural areas. This influx of people leaving earth yet again sees allot more land being claimed and rejuvinated using the same tech as used to terraform mars in the first place. During this time the Mobile Worker project was finished helping not only speed building speeds of new buildings on mars allowing for the quick growth but also leading to an even larger industrial boom on Luna. During this time frame the military Mobile Worker project was still underway, though many were advocating it being dropped in favor of the Armed Loaders the military had already deployed. Secretly the project continued. More and more mining establishments in the astroid belt pop up.

    2201: The colony of Zehpyr rebels declaring independance when a rebel militia uses Armed Loaders and Mobile Pods stolen from the military to take over. The Earth union responds swiftly as General Graves, Marston's successor unviels the new 'Mobile Suit' while a far cry from later itterations, the mech's mobility was unmatched in space, and it's firepower and armor allowed it to take the colony as well. Due to the success of the queling of the Rebellion more funding if poored into the prototype weapon.

    2205: Due to presure from the civilian city states of mars, as well as private corprations and the Space agency alike, the Mars Confederate is established, holding 20 of the 35 citystates of mars. While still a technical territory of mars, this allowed them to hold a small militia force (though like Luna's was still part of Earth Military joint command) and entitled free trade with jupiter and Mars as well as more lax taxes. The Earth Prime Minister declared this as the begining of a new age where Earth was no longer the sole propritor of humanity in the Sol system, leading to a new Calander era known as Space Age.

    SA 0004: The first mass production mobile suit is rolled out. The MS-04 Waff. Mars begins bids for rights to use the tech.

    SA 0007: Mars is allowed use of Mobile Suit technology, Earth even sends some of their new frontier Model, the OZ-06 Leo. A more rugged version of their Zaku II, made a bit cheaper, but at the same time more suited to conditions like the still vast iron deserts of Mars.

    SA 0009: A Martian terrorist group conducts an attack on the Earth Embassy in Ares City the capitol of the Confederation. Tensions mount fruther between the confederate and earth, as various links too confederate cabneit officals links the attacks. Meanwhile in earth controlled Martian Territory, tensions mount between civilians and Riot officers. Later in that year what is now known as the Decade conflict breaks out.

    SA 0014: The first Gundam is deployed by mars, Co-opted and based off of Clarkson Electronics' GM design being adopted by the EU forces, it is armored in a new Alloy known as gundanium, and is the first mobile suit with a proper beam rifle.

    SA 0017: The war rages on, most fighting had been pushed from Mars off into space, but Mars incursions into earth sphere were usually short lived and limited to hit and run attacks. Sending secret ambassadors to Luna, Mars and a sepratist force in Luna, spear headed by corperations fed up with Earth Union requisitions of their facilities hatch a plan to steal the defensive array on Luna consisting of it's newly made long range mass driver. The mass driver is taken later that year and used by the Luna militia to take out one of Earth's Orbital defense platforms. This opened the hole for a D-day style invasion by Mars.

    SA 0019: The war which had been loosing support by Earth before an invasion by mars, was now at an all time low approval rating, leading to the opening of negotiations between the parties. While no more than 23% of earth was ever occupied and only 2 out of eight space colonies, being sandwhiched by Mars, the Moon, and the martian incursion gurilla's had forced earths hand completely. Later that year the Treaty of Olympus Mons was drafted handing over martian independance, as well as even less oversight on Luna, and the destruction of the mass drivers on not only Luna, but Mars' only mass driver on Deimos as well. The Earth was still entitled to 25% of it's bases on Mars, but would begin pulling out over the next fifteen years once their assets were fully taken care of, a new Earth Embassy was build in Armstrong city, while a martian one was housed on the head space colony.

    SA 0021: Our story begins.


    -Ginsis-City State were Katarina was raised, where lance and her met. High organized crime. Member of the Confederate
    -Kar'Shan-City state north of Ginsis, left confederate after the Decade conflict. Contains the Kronus expanse a large area of unstable weather caused by a Terraforming accident during Mars' Terraforming
    -The Belt-Short hand for the Astroid belt. Full of mercs, pirates, deserters from the war on the lamb still etc
    -Xi-2322-Astroid Base in the belt. Ran by Elegia considered one of the biggest hubs for trading in the belt.
    -Normandy-Kingdom of Northern France split from the rest of it post WWIII. Lance and Thomas are from here.
    -Arcadia-Largest Space colony in earth orbit, second largest in the solar system. Seat of the Earth Union Council.
    -Ares City-First Martian city, capital of the confederate and of the Martian City state Olympia
    -Zephyr-Colony in orbit of Earth, first offical deployment of too place here during the Zephyr Rebellion of 2201
    -Ardun-Largest remaining Earth Union city state on Mars, and largest Earth Union Military base, founded in 2165AD by a branch family of the Hommell's of Normandy to aquire land on Mars. Named eccentrically after Automotive Engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov
    OKAY so yes as you can see in parenthesis at the end of the factions bit there, the Highway star's crew is kind of the focus, Lance Bonaparte (and like the original incarnation in Keni's OG RP years ago, he's my second take on making a Char clone)is my main PC, Elegia is also to a degree a protagonist faction of sorts as well, so I'd prefer main PC's to be from one of those, though Elegia PC's will still be assigned as an Attache to Lance's crew for a job from Hargrave.

    Others from other factions are welcome, and there may be, if requested a list of minor factions, though it won't be super comprehensive or detailed because I want to keep some mystery to what we'll be encountering, most minor factions won't really be more than an annoyance that may pop up once so really isn't needed, others will be tied to bigger factions IE spec ops groups in the Earth union, etc. (and of course there's room for your own within these if you want some bad ass mofo who is literally the Navy SEALS copypasta guy as a rival) It should be noted, I don't know how involved these other factions will be so I probably won't allow main PC's from any of them unless you're okay with waiting for a few chapters, and plan on defecting. (and in the EU's case that probably won't be for awhile even if they have some bases on Mars soil)

    This is also, gonna be the discussion thread, I'm gonna follow what keni did with a separate character bio thread, to keep things more organized. Also holy crap I got it up today...two hours to spare but still today. I'll also be posting up a glossary of common slang terms and short hand employed in the world as well later.

    Questions, comments, general concerns and such we know the drill by now, can now be voiced here. Bio thread will be up later tonight, well more likely tommrow early morning, since I have a few to knock out here soon, and well there's gonna be questions before you guys can do it as well.
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    Re: MSG: Hostile Frontiers Discussion thread

    Just so I understand the timeline correctly, in less than 100 years humans will be a space-faring species with advanced technologies and enough of a population to colonize Earth space colonies, Mars, some asteroids, and some areas around Jupiter? That does seem a tad soon to me, maybe add a minimum of an extra 150 years.