So recently a buddy, and I started on a youtube channel we tested the waters with TV, and Film but it is just so over saturated with the genre that getting in at this point is like winning the lottery. So we both decided to switch are focus to Anime, a bit more niche in the world of podcasts, and youtube videos. We plan to focus on a broad spectrum of stuff, more so as time goes on, and even more after that if we get some revenue.

Are first podcast just came up, we plan on doing two episodes a week, one about random topics in Anime news, or personal topics, and one video for reviewing recent episodes of current Anime we are watching (mostly new stuff like Iron Blooded Orphans, Dragon Ball Super, and such).

Feel free to watch, share, and share your ideas/constructive criticism.

We are also on Soundcloud, Wordpress, and Facebook.

Thanks, and please give any feedback, good or bad.