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    Mg Wing Gundam ver. ka

    Just joined up to the forum and decided I should post up one of the things I've been working on recently. I've actually been working on the kit for a while now, but as time keeps passing I keep changing my mind on how I want it to look lol. I'll post a few of the older pics along with the most recent ones to show what has changed.

    This is probably the earliest pic of when I started kitbashing and playing around with ideas.

    I have an obsession with certain proportions and articulation. As a result a lot of the mods on my kits have parts that increase torso articulation, I use ratchet joints from Lego technic kits. They support weight really well, here's a close up.

    Here's a more recent pic of the kit. Changed up the arms, chest armor, and changed the lower half to the Mg blitz gundam's waist and legs.

    Dynamic pose time lol

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    Re: Mg Wing Gundam ver. ka

    Finally posting some pics of what the kit looks like at the current time. Took forever, but I finally got a direction I want to take this kit. Basically it's a wing gundam with zeonic influence.

    Had to do some cutting, but I was able to mount the wings from the Mg wing zero custom on the kit. I thought the Ew used the same mount, but they are just different enough to where it won't snap right on. Should have taken some photos, but if anyone wants some pics let me know. Also started using putty on the spaces in the chest armor and the shoulder armor too, still need to sand them to blend the armor better.

    Little closer look at the upper torso.

    Took me a long time with the scriber but I was able to remove the trim around Hguc kshatriya's binders. Basically gonna use these around the wings to make them look more "zeonish"

    Other than some putty work and mounting the wings I haven't done too much. Still trying to figure out how to mount pistons on the torso kind like barbatos gundam. Expect some more updates soon, and maybe another kit I have in the works as well.

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    Re: Mg Wing Gundam ver. ka

    That's looking pretty sweet!


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    Re: Mg Wing Gundam ver. ka

    @squee Thanks, I vow this is gonna be my first kit I have ever finished lol.

    More upgrades to the wings folks, now with fin funnels lol. I always thought the wings on the zero custom were a little useless and lacked detail underneath. So to solve this I've added the fin funnels from kshatriya and the trim from it's binders to the edges of the wings.

    And a little sneak peek at another wing gundam I'm working on.

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    Re: Mg Wing Gundam ver. ka

    Be careful with the full angel wing assembly and modding it. It'll throw the whole kit off balance even with a stand if you're not careful. Looks good by the way.
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    Re: Mg Wing Gundam ver. ka

    Oh man I love where this is going.

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    Re: Mg Wing Gundam ver. ka

    Quote Originally Posted by Darzer View Post
    Be careful with the full angel wing assembly and modding it. It'll throw the whole kit off balance even with a stand if you're not careful. Looks good by the way.
    Oh trust me I know, I tested out one of the wings with the fin funnels and it leaned to the side a bit. I'm hoping when I do the other wing it will balance itself out.

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    Re: Mg Wing Gundam ver. ka

    Both are looking good, but I'm really excited to see where the second Wing Gundam goes! I think it's the pose, lol.
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    Re: Mg Wing Gundam ver. ka

    Oh man I love what you did with the 1st wing. It looks like the wing just went into Hercules mode

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    Re: Mg Wing Gundam ver. ka

    Boy it has been a while since I been in here to post progress. Well get ready to wait more before this build is done lol. Here's a little bit of what's been done so far.

    Lengthened the v-fin a but with some putty. Sanding this is a real pain, cause you have to keep from breaking the fin.....which has happened.


    Did some modification to the ......"ear" pieces an changed the vents on the head.



    Here's how it pretty much looks right now overall. As you can see a lot as happened . I'll try to be a bit more detailed in my next few updates.

    43399015712_45bcba538d_k (2).jpg

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    Re: Mg Wing Gundam ver. ka

    I'm actually really liking how that's turning out. I can't wait to see the finished product!
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