this thread is for anyone to talk about anything that has to do with anime/comic/videogame conventions. i was really surprised to see there was not already one. ive never been to one but i wanted to talk about it to those that have.

So the price of them is quite off putting but i have some friends i could talk into going so we could split a room. i live a little under an hour from Atlanta so maybe Dragoncon. my buddy said Dragoncon has gotten a little TO family friendly but i dont know what other conventions there are so im lost in the sauce.

Aslo does anyone know of ANY convention ANYWHERE that allows weapons? they really act like they just dont want us there. if i was going there to shoot up the place i wouldn't ask their permission. and if someone does show up to shoot the place up it would be us concealed carry guys who would save lives. i hate not having my weapon. i even hate having to leave it in my truck when i go to drill (the army is stupid like that) and really im not even supposed to have it on the property at all. part of me thinks it would be fun to go to one but part of me just does not want to go at all. im not even sure WHY i want to go. everything i could get there i could get cheaper online i think. cosplay is cool but i can just see pics of it online and im not THAT big a fan of it. its a lot of money and none of the panels or events really interest me. i can only do large crowds in small doses (like a day then i start to just not enjoy being there anymore and get irritable) but some nagging part of me thinks it might be fun to just go hang out and do whatever i feel like at that moment. and just try it.

My buddy told me if i wanted to go to dragoncon this year i should have bought tickets last year. but im not worried about it. i just need to make up my mind on weather or not i want to actually go at all. i dont even know. half of me is like "that would be cool, i should try it" and the other half is like "nope, that would just piss me off and make me hate humanity even more"

so yea no idea, anyways lets talk about that. ive been reading their site and looking at vids. and i have a brief convo with a buddy of mine who's been there before.