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    Re: Official P Bandai Ordering

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    Re: Official P Bandai Ordering

    Quote Originally Posted by GMLover View Post
    Thank you but I already know what Gentei and Nippon are selling them for. I was curious if anyone placed a order yet and what the shipping cost is. I can the j-cannon from a us retailer that actually has it instock. I was just wondering if Gentei would be cheaper with shipping since I haven't ordered from them since the site was updated.

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    Well damn I should have checked Nippon for the Mg NU Gundam and HWs. That have the best price I've seen.

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    Re: Official P Bandai Ordering

    Nippon has a shipping calculator if you add it to your cart.

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    Re: Official P Bandai Ordering

    Stores that will be selling the P-Bandai hiRes barbatos 6th form stateside. Supposedly a test run.


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