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    Re: Your Favorite Songs From the Gundam Universe

    Gundam 0083 Men of Destiny

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    Re: Your Favorite Songs From the Gundam Universe

    F91: Eternal Wind

    1991 Version

    2015 Version

    I just discovered this 2015 version. It rocks!

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    Re: Your Favorite Songs From the Gundam Universe

    Daybreak's Bell
    was really jazzed they used this at the end of s2

    Ash Like Snow
    one of my fav's, 00 has a few really good ones

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    Re: Your Favorite Songs From the Gundam Universe

    Quote Originally Posted by Valgus View Post
    Okay guys this one is just been driving me crazy lately..... Did a lot of searching with no luck.. so I guess I'll ask The "Gundam community"

    Can anyone tell me the title of the music track in Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Episode 39?

    in this link @05:20
    Kouhou Shien, it is track 4 off of Gundam Seed Original Soundtrack 3. It's only 1:52 long though.
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    Re: Your Favorite Songs From the Gundam Universe

    Since it's been named, but not posted, I gotta go with what's been stuck in my head all week since I started watching 0079 with my spouse. I admit we haven't yet reached this part of the UC, and i don't even own a DVD of this series yet, but that SONG! It's from my favorite era of anime, so I have to mention:

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    Re: Your Favorite Songs From the Gundam Universe

    Shining Finger

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    Re: Your Favorite Songs From the Gundam Universe

    I know I have responded to a similar thread before.

    As much as I hate the show, I love its ending song.

    I also love Friends from Gundam 00.

    Sorry, I can't find a higher quality of its MV, and I can't seem to make the preview to work with VIDEO tags from Daily Motion link.



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