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Thread: F97 wip thread

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    Re: F97 wip thread

    I've been shooting the Alclad primers through my airbrush and I've been super happy with them. My local hobby stores all carry them.

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    Re: F97 wip thread

    No prob!

    All my hobby store(s) got just rattle cans, I'm forced to order online...

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    Before and after priming the first set of parts

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    Finished black accents

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    Finally got around to painting the dark green parts

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    Re: F97 wip thread

    It looks really good so far

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    Finally finished the grey parts

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    Re: F97 wip thread

    that is great, im hoping to get my ab skills up to snuff . problem is i dont have it at my place

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    Paints for weathering

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    Re: F97 wip thread

    That marasai is looking very good.

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    Re: F97 wip thread

    Quote Originally Posted by F97 View Post
    Does anyone know a good surface primer other than the tamiya ones?

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    idk if you're still looking but I really like the Stynylrez primer. It's water based acrylic so it doesn't stink up the place and seems to work as well as the Tamiya laquer primer. Also has the benifit to be shootable right out of the bottle. I believe the Ammo by Mig primer is the same stuff, at least based on what Foxx from Modelmaking Guru has said.

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    Thanks for the advice! I actually picked up some alcad primer, which is what I used for these parts. I'm still trying to find one that my local hobby store has though, so I'll see if they have your recommendation

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    Panel lining and first layer of weathering done

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    Finished the second layer of weathering


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