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    MG Freedom 2.0 thoughts?

    I was wondering what you guys thought about this kit, it is one of the first I suppose new kits I've actually bought out side of real grades, so far I'm digging this freedom a bit. Not sure if all other new kits are the same but I really like the fact it can kneel naturally(well because of the rail guns)

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    Re: MG Freedom 2.0 thoughts?

    I haven't built mine yet. But just looking at the runners and at reviews. It appears to be a great kit. The level of detail on it is fantastic. I know a few modelers who gripe that its not "anime accurate" but I'm a modeler who loves bringing out details of kits. So the more detail a kit has, the better. (IMO)
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    Re: MG Freedom 2.0 thoughts?

    I mines finally finished I don't even know if I want to paint it. I agree the detail is really good on this kit seeing the finished version makes me not even want to build the original xD. I also think kits like this that have this detail are great because for people that are too scared to add extra lining and pla plates to their kits.


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