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    Re: Scorn's Workshop

    Thanks! I think they're coming along pretty nicely. Getting more colors in.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Looking a lot better with the colors mostly blocked in! I'm glad I didn't decide to clean up the white before I blocked in the main colors - I may tweak where the color separations are (considering I've already done that a bit...)

    From top left:
    Ravenwing Dark Tarlon (Core Fighter crewed by a RX-79[G] and RGM-79C)
    Sammael in Sableclaw (RX-78-3 Core Fighter crewed by RX-78-3 and RGM-79C)
    2X Ravenwing Land Speeders (Core Fighter crewed by RGM-79C's)
    1x Ravenwing Darkshroud/Vengeance (Core Booster crewed by RGM-79C's. Reconstructive surgery stil in process lol)

    - - - Updated - - -

    And now for something completely different! A buddy invited me to his Gaslands game tomorrow, so I painted up some cars. Came out pretty decent for a few hours work with parts on hand lol

    I like these breather builds - they break up the slog of big projects, and let me try out new techniques or interesting ideas I have kicking around.

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    Wow. Cars look great!!! Paint changes all!

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