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    Re: the beavs customs

    I'm going to have to try that given purple and red are two of my three favorite colors for suits

    Well, decals, weathering, panel lines, and final top coat have been completed:


    I generally like how it turned out except the thighs. The shading didn't work well with that shade and the weathering isn't as visible on it.

    So only thing left to do is wait for my visor sticker to come in the mail to complete the head then I will take final pictures with an actual good camera.

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    Re: the beavs customs

    That looks great, like the purple shading. How come you didn't paint the face?

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    Re: the beavs customs

    It's not finished. I bought some reflective, chrome like sticker for the face area and I'm looking for a red "Jewel" to make the eye to then call it 100% complete.


    Scored this display case at a toys r us going out of business liquidation. Some cleaning, painting, and customizing and I have a very large gunpla display case for only $65. There huge game cases they wanted a ridiculous amount for so if they are still there on the last day of opening I'm going to give them a low ball offer hoping to get it.

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    Re: the beavs customs

    You have given me an idea with the chrome. I have some holographic super thin sheet with really good adhesive backing I used it for orientation markers on my RC stuff. might have to use some in place of the green metal stickers.

    Good score on the display case. You may still score well on the game cases. Not the usual thing that goes in a liquidation sale.

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    Re: the beavs customs


    That's the link for the chrome stickers I bought and plan to use on the face. They look pretty cool and look from the pictures to have many possible uses.

    Ya...I missed the last day of the sales so oh well. I got a sweet display case as it is.


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