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    Re: Modification/Scratch building/Model kit repair thread.

    anyone suggestion on what can i use as a replacement for the mesh tubing for the rg gundam mk ii?

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    just finished building rg mk ii titans, and i messed up the shield joint, it just flops around

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    Re: Modification/Scratch building/Model kit repair thread.

    Hey all,
    I'm facing a bit of a conundrum. I just got a MG MS-09 Dom, and I want to customize the crap out of it. I can use off the shelf aftermarket parts for some if it, but other stuff is going to require kitbashing and my weakest model related skill, scratch building. I am NOT good at it.

    My idea is a mingling of a MS-09F/Br Dom Barrage with a MS-09K-2 Dom Cannon with my own flair.

    I have the cannon barrels picked, but I need to make the receivers/breeches, recoil compensators, mounts, ammo hoppers & feed chutes, backpack, extra armor, bigger thrusters, etc... Any suggestions?

    Here's an idea of what I want to do:
    *Dual heavy anti armor cannons, 1 per shoulder, on a backpack.
    *Each has a turned aluminum barrel w/brass muzzle brake.
    *Each requires a large, heavy, counterbalanced receiver/breech (scratch build... UGH!!!!!)
    *Each has recoil compensators on the mounts, plus recoil damper thrusters on the back of each gun.
    *Each has a articulated gun mount for elevation/depression as well as side-to-side traverse.
    *Each has a ammo hopper on the backpack with a linkless belt feed.

    What I need help with is sourcing up as much as I can BEFORE scratch building becomes necessary. I figure I can get the thrusters easy enough, and upgraded armor can be made from sheet styrene. The articulated gun mount arms will be the biggest challenge, followed by the breeches/receivers, ammo hoppers, and linkless belt feeds. For reference, I'm using 1/35 scale metal barrels for the 170mm/17cm Geschützwagen für Tiger. http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/rbm35b091.htm ok

    Suggestions and links are greatly appreciated.
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