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Love that NU-Gundam HWS. (Come on RG NU-Gundam)

Do you have the funnels painted up as well? It just looks so much more Bad A$$ with those on it.

And ......Did you clean your room and take out the trash before you started playing with those Gumdum Gundims ..those model things Mister?!?!?
thanks i havent painted the funnels, im saving those for another Nu ive got in my backlog.

one those not simply play with painted gundams :P

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I think it was buried in one of the replies:
that kinda happens when ive been offline for so long.

im also working on more, a TR-1 kitbash, and a TR-6 from third party 1/100. gonna make that a woundwort-rah.

and i straight build the deepstriker, psycho zaku. and got a bunch of kits in the backlog, also another sazabi with resin conversion, thunderbolt gundam and the Nu.

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Whats the sazabi recipe for the paint? :3
first layer was gloss black from Alclad, then Chrome and dark chrome also from alclad.

i should add, i did some more thinner with the black gloss base paint, i was getting black pits in it otherwise.

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