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    Re: Non-Gundam Mech Series

    Quote Originally Posted by Gundam_Asgard View Post
    Gurren lagan is the obvious exception.

    and while not directly, Kill la Kill was made by people who worked for Gainax, and uses the same stupidity that Gainax is known for.

    damn, did it again.
    You have just been on the internet to long lol

    And I will make sure to check out as much as possible, I am almost finished with watching every Gundam series, finishing up Victory soon, then just got X and Turn A, X is on the short side so that will go fast then I hear Turn A is pretty sweet so hopefully that goes quickly. Then I will start on all the other goodies. I will make sure to post about them as I watch them.

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    Re: Non-Gundam Mech Series

    Turn A is so blasted good...I'm watching X right now, then all I have left is G, Victory, and Evolve. And if we get that domestic release of Turn A this year, I'll watch it all over again!
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    I'm not sure if I just missed it.


    (Grabs some popcorn)

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    Re: Non-Gundam Mech Series

    Well, this was unexpected: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news...rilogy/.109224. It's a good time to be a Geass fan.
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    Re: Non-Gundam Mech Series

    Quote Originally Posted by Garret Masterson View Post
    break blade / broken blade - watch this first! There's a 6 part movie version and a 11 episode tv series. The tv series is based more on the manga which has an awesome story arc that they cut from the movie version.
    Well I'm glad someone mentioned Break Blade, seriously an awesome Mecha anime. I'm not sure if Guilty Crown would count as a mecha anime but there are mechs in it.


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