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Thread: Monkeys Garage

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    Re: Monkeys Garage

    This should be a feast for eyes when finished.

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    Re: Monkeys Garage

    Thank you RPC, I'm really pushing my limits on this one and the Yamato, but in a good way. It is weird it seams so daunting to look at and build, but as I go I find it really kind of easy once I figure out what I'm going to do next. So I'm pushing my limits, but at the same time I'm finding that these are not even close to them. If that makes sense. It is sort of a mental mind F**k if you will. "Can I do that?....Well that was easy" is the way it has been so far.

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    Also my model club IPMS is having a all “show” more like a Dog and Pony show at my hobby shop this weekend. We are trying to get more word out that this place is now a model hobby shop as well as a gaming store. And to try and get a few more people in the club. But I will be bringing this there. WIPs are ok to bring as it will help show some of the process of building. But I still want to have a good bit at least painted. I will get a few pictures up after the show.

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