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    Re: Ya might be a gunpla builder if...

    When you're staring at your kits just counting down the days... 1 week and counting.

    Yes i know i basically said this in my last post, but i am chomping at the bit! I don't even know what to build!!


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    Re: Ya might be a gunpla builder if...

    Quote Originally Posted by Squee View Post
    When you're going through withdrawal from not building anything.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zeta View Post
    Been there, done that.
    I've been rushing through an RG MkII Titans version because I've missed building so much

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    Re: Ya might be a gunpla builder if...

    youre a gunpla builder if u say to ure new girlfriend at first enter on ure room.look thats a zaku II char aznable custom version!!nah u like it?

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    Re: Ya might be a gunpla builder if...

    Ya might be a gunpla builder if:

    You search the Internet looking for jobs with Anaheim Electronics between builds.... Oh....how I wish.....


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