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    ENGR Finished Projects

    So I'm considering Kampfer done. The weapons didn't quite turn out the way I wanted them to, but at this point I will probably not re-visit this project.


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    Re: ENGR Finished Projects

    Oooh, looks lovely. The paint job looks fantastic overall and details add that extra bit of personality. I think the only thing you can do to make it better is welding the seams on the weapons.
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    Haha yeah agreed. The weapons were kind of where I stopped a bit since I started thinking about other projects. Should have finished all the way, next time.

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    Re: ENGR Finished Projects

    It's bling! Love it, man. The paint job is smooth and great. You should be proud. And the weapon, yes it would be a lot better if you remove the seam line.
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    Re: ENGR Finished Projects

    Damn sir! I am in love with your Kampfer. That blue is stunning!
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    Re: ENGR Finished Projects

    That paint job looks gorgeous in the sun light. I love the detailing, too.
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    Thanks guys going to be finishing another project soon. Hopefully during the break XD


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