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    Mobile Suit Gundam: Mobile Core (MSG:MC)

    I started this fan fiction originally over on MOCpages (http://mocpages.com/folder.php/158493). It came about since there are hints as to what technoligy developed the Mobile Suits, but it is never truly shown what they came from. Some series talk about how they were developed from construction mecha and retasked for military use. So this fan fiction delves into the origins of Mobile Suits, the Mobile Core. The name "Mobile Core" comes from combining "Mobile Suit" with "Armored Core."

    Note: This thread will be updated as I add new posts that include new information about the Mobile Core universe. I emplore everyone to read the various links that are provided for additional information.


    Mobile Core History (read more at http://mocpages.com/moc.php/343580)
    Following what would be called the "Terror Crisis" and the "Economical Crisis" of the 21st Century AD, the science and technology of Robotics advanced in leaps and bounds during the 22nd Century AD. New civilian construction suits evolved and aided Humanity in the colonization of space with the new Space Colonies. The various militaries of the Earth would later adapt this technology in the early 23rd Century and create units called "Mobile Cores." These new units were used to supplement conventional ground forces in both offensive maneuvers and base defenses. The first time that an offensive force comprised primarily of Mobile Cores was used on the battlefield was during the Neo-Soviet Union invasion of Europe. This invasion changed the current doctrine of war and led to the rapid development and deployment of more advance Mobile Core units throughout the various world superpowers.

    Eurasia Federation: See below.
    East Asian League: http://www.gundamforums.com/showthre...l=1#post173400
    Western Hemisphere Alliance: http://www.gundamforums.com/showthre...l=1#post173400
    Oceania: http://www.gundamforums.com/showthre...l=1#post173400

    SCION: http://www.gundamforums.com/showthre...l=1#post173407

    - - - Updated - - -

    Eurasia Federation.jpg
    Eurasia Federation (http://mocpages.com/moc.php/343601)
    The Soviet Union reformed in the late 22nd Century AD as the Neo-Soviet Union. In the first part of the 23rd Century, the Neo-Soviet Union successfully invaded Europe during a relatively quick, yet bloody, war. This was made possible by the vast and widespread use of its new Mobile Core units. This crushing victory effectively ended the United Nations.
    After the conquest of Europe, the Neo-Soviet Union turned its attention to the rest of Asia. The Middle East quickly fell under Neo-Soviet control. After controlling all of Europe and most of Asia, the Neo-Soviet Union renamed itself the "Eurasia Federation" to signify the vast conquest that it had accomplished.
    The Eurasia Federation's flag is red and yellow. The Scythe and Hammer is shown in the upper left corner and the stars of Scorpius adorn the majority of the flag. The Scythe and Hammer signify the Federation's origins and heritage. The stars of Scorpius point towards the bright future of the Federation where the Earth Sphere and all of its Space Colonies are under its rule.

    Mobile Weapons
    EMC-001T Zimnmj Cyplenok.jpg
    EMC-001T Zimnmj Cyplenok (http://mocpages.com/moc.php/343589)
    EMC-003T Overlord.jpg
    EMC-003T Overlord (http://mocpages.com/moc.php/344777)
    Ground Support Vehicle (http://mocpages.com/moc.php/345190)
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    Re: Mobile Suit Gundam: Mobile Core (MSG:MC)

    East Asian League.jpg
    East Asian League (http://mocpages.com/moc.php/344275)
    Following the Neo-Soviet Union invasion of Europe, China allied themselves with their neighboring nations to defend themselves from the eventual aggression of the Neo-Soviet Union. This new "alliance", spearheaded by the Chinese, was initially successful at repelling Neo-Soviet assaults. After realizing that the shear numbers that the Neo-Soviets possessed would eventually break through their defensive lines, China forced other nearby nations into treaties and alliances to bolster their forces. This conglomerate of nations would be known as the East Asian League.
    After coming to a stalemate with the Neo-Soviet Union, the two powers would sign a truce that stated that neither power would attack the other on the continent of Asia. Territory gain and battles were allowed on the other continents, which would mainly be the continent of Africa. Through this truce, the two powers would exchange weapons and technology with the intent of eliminating the Western Hemisphere Alliance.
    The flag of the East Asian League is green and white. Shown are the stars of Draco and the kanji symbol for "immortal". Collectively this symbolizes that the East Asian League is the "Immortal Dragon of the Earth" and shall remain persistent for survival of its people.

    Mobile Weapons
    AMC-002T Lightning.jpg
    AMC-002T Lightning (http://mocpages.com/moc.php/343594)

    - - - Updated - - -

    Western Hemisphere Alliance.jpg
    Western Hemisphere Alliance (http://mocpages.com/moc.php/344276)
    The United Nations fought valiantly against the Neo-Soviet Union during the Invasion of Europe, but was eventually crushed. At this point, the United Nations was no more. After the Eurasia Federation was formed, the nations of North and South America banded together in a common
    cause: to halt the aggression and spread of the Federation. Thus the Western Hemisphere Alliance was founded. While bolstering their own defenses on the homeland, the Alliance launched a campaign to halt the Federation and the League's influence and territorial gains in Africa. Now Africa is a war-torn continent that is the main battlefield for a war with three fronts. The Alliance wishes to return the world to the state of nations prior to the forming of the Neo-Soviet Union.
    The flag of the Western Hemisphere Alliance is an homage to the former United Nations. The white globe stands on a field of blue. The two arrows represent the actions that must be taken to reunite the world and bring piece.

    Mobile Weapons
    WMC-003T Browning.jpg
    WMC-003T Browning (http://mocpages.com/moc.php/343610)

    - - - Updated - - -

    [Rserved for Flag Image]
    Oceania (reserved for link)
    Oceania is a conglomerate of nations surrounding and including the continent of Austrailia. Oceania has remained neutral during this conflict and instead focuses on the welfare of its citizens, its economy, and technological advancement. Its neutrality has led to Oceania to become more technologically advanced than the other three superpowers, have a better economy, and a better standard of living. Due to its success as a nation the superpower nations have sought an alliance with Oceania to gain an advantage over their enemies, but none dare to outright attack. Such an attack would drain their resources and spread them too thin.

    Mobile Weapons

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    Re: Mobile Suit Gundam: Mobile Core (MSG:MC)

    Project SCION.jpg
    Project SCION (http://mocpages.com/moc.php/344843)
    Project SCION was first started by various members of the United Nations, and carried on by the Western Hemisphere Alliance. It was started in response to the rising tensions between various nations and the Neo-Soviet Union. All operations conducted by Project SCION were carried out in secret, and not much information about these operations were made known to the public and even most of the government.
    Agents of Project SCION went out and "recruited" various young orphans and homeless children so that they could be trained as soldiers. When they entered puberty, they were given chemically administered biologically-altering substances to increase their strength, muscular endurance, and reflexes.
    By their teenage years, the SCIONs were already fit for battle. They were given advanced suits of personal body armor and prototype weapon systems. They were also implanted with neurological chips at the base of their skulls, which let them interface directly with their armor. These chips also stored various types of data, and could be altered to store memories.
    Later on, the SCIONs were equipped with state-of-the-art hardsuits that also interfaced directly with their chips. This gave them increased battlefield performance. When Mobile Core and eventually Mobile Suit units were fielded, the specially designed units also interfaced with the super soldiers, giving them a much needed edge in battle. The SCIONs would continue to carry out high-priority and dangerous strike operations deep in enemy territory.
    The Research and Development team for Project SCION continuously creates and tests new equipment for the super soldiers. Everything that is developed is far more advanced than any of the opposition.

    Sometime after the deployment of Mobile Suits, and uprising occurred within the SCIONs. They fought against each other as some of them tried to free themselves from being mere government pawns. Eventually, all data concerning Project SCION was destroyed, and the few remaining members went into hiding.

    Mobile Weapons
    WMC-003TX Mk II Liquidator.jpg
    WMC-003TX Mk II Liquidator (http://mocpages.com/moc.php/345587)

    - - - Updated - - -

    The Story Note: This section will not be as formally laid out as the others and will be a tad more informal.
    As stated above, the Neo-Soviets invade Europe and other parts of Asia and eventually form the Eurasia Federation (AKA "Federation" since we always have to have some form of Feddie scum). This made the world go from having many nations to only a few. The East Asian League ("League") was formed out of desparation and had a truce with the Federation. The Western Hemisphere Alliance ("Alliance") still retains its individual nations, but they work together. And then there is Oceania, who does not play a prominant role during the time that Mobile Cores are used. A majority of the conflict is taking place in Africa for reasons that I have to iron out. One possible reason is that since there is a large plot of land along the Equator it would be prime real estate for an Orbital Elevator. The construction of an Elevator would elevate the supremecy of whichever superpower nation had it since it would give faster access to space and the colonies. At this point in time I have not decided what role the space colonies have or how exactly they fit in. Any ideas are most appreciated.
    Nothing of much significance happens during what I call the "Mobile Core Wars" (Season One), so I will fast forward to the end of Season One and explain what happens between then and the start of the "Mobile Suit Wars" (Season Two). I emplore everyone to check out this link and the various MOCs to see the different Mobile Suits that I have made so far (since listing them here and explaining will take a while, but exclude the Liberty Gundam since it is not part of this universe): http://mocpages.com/folder.php/159582. Do note that these are old designs and I want to update and improve them so that they look a LOT better (I have learned a good amount about building LEGO mecha in the past few years). The Mobile Suits that are of significant importance are:
    Serenity.jpg Gundam Serenity
    VicViper.jpgGundam VicViper

    The R&D in Project SCION develops, creates, and builds the very first Mobile Suit ever: Gundam Serenity. It was built with a dual-core nuclear fision-fusion reactor, which serves as a pivotal plot point throughout the series. It was deemed too expensive to mass produce for the SCIONs so the Sylphion was built instead, which is the second Mobile Suit built and the first mass produced one, albeit in limited numbers. So the SCIONs, being the black ops that they are, use these Mobile Suits in attacks against the Federation and the League. However, since the SCIONs are black ops, these two Mobile Suits are not considered "official" since they "do not exist." They are equiped with the same neuro-link Operating System as the Liquidator Mobile Cores, making them like an extension of the pilot's body. The Sylphion is also the first mass produced Mobile Suit to use beam weapons.
    Some time later the League develops the Thunder mass produced Mobile Suit, which is the first "official" Mobile Suit produced. It can easily crush the Browning and Zimnmj Mobile Cores, but has difficulty against the Overlord. The Alliance develops the Verstilis, with the Federation taking longer to create the Dominion Trooper. The Federation decided to forego their usual approach of producing one "quantity over quality" Mobile Suit and one "quality" Mobile Suit and took extra time to develop the Dominion Trooper. Later on when Mobile Suit beam weapons are mass produced, the "Dom" is still so formidable that it is the last of the "first generation" Mobile Suits to obtain beam weaponry. It is also not replaced by a higher performance machine for quite some time. Sieg Russia!
    During the infancy of the Mobile Suit Wars and before Season Two would start, there was a civil war amongst the SCION super soldiers. Half were fed up with being pawns for the Alliance, while the other half enjoyed being tools of destruction. The main antagonist, whose codename is "Twitch," secured the Gundam Serenity and led the SCIONs that wanted their freedom. Most of the super soldiers perished in this conflict, including several of Twitch's close comrades. This conflict has no true victor since so many died. In the last parts of the civil war, Twitch deletes all data concerning Serenity from the databases, or so he thinks (plot point later on). He concludes that Serenity is far too dangerous of a weapon to be produced in any quantity at any level and does not want the data concerning its construction and highly advanced technology to be distributed. Serenity is so powerful that it could have easily defeated the opposing SCIONs if Twitch had wanted to. One of the casualties of this struggle was one of Twitch's team mates whom he had been on countless missions with: Kristen. She was the closest thing that he had to a friend and was almost a love interest. She was so badly injured that she fell into a coma and Twitch put her into a cryo tube for preservation. To save her mind he copied her brain data (since it is all basically electrical signals anyways) and made the AI MAND-E(coloquially known as Mandy) and installed it into Serenity. His last acts were to hide Serenity in an undergound bunker in Oceania, erase his memories, and create a new identity for himself. All of his memories are stored on his neuro-link chip that all SCIONs have at the base of their skull. He programmed it to release his memories if certain events unfold so that he can once again protect the world from the evils he has seen and committed. When he wakes up after the procedure he is a new Mobile Suit mechanic assigned to Oceania. He remembers nothing of his previous identity.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Several Years Later, start of Season Two
    Twitch is at work in the Mobile Suit hangar when suddenly alarms start to go off. A combined task force of League Thunder and Federation Dom Mobile Suits are attacking the Oceania mainland. Something triggers inside of Twitch and he goes to where a large trunk is kept. It was something that he had brought with him when he moved there but did not know how to open it. Now he did. Inside is an advanced suit of full body armor (think of the ODST body armor from the Halo series of video games with similar capabilities, such as a motion tracker) and a bullpup assault rifle. Twitch fights his way through various facilities successfully repelling any enemy infantry, showing super soldier skills and abilities that he did not know he had. Eventually, as if guided, he comes to a deep underground storage facility with a large black container. He enters the container and sees a Mobile Suit. Being a mechanic and stand-in test pilot he knows how to pilot one. He gets in and sits down in the pilot seat. The only controls are two small semi-spherical objects, one at the end of each chair arm. He places his hands on them and something connects to the back of his helmet, which then sends a pinch to the base of his skull (where his neuro-link chip is, unbeknownst to him, though. His body armor also serves as a pilot suit). A full panoramic cockpit activates and Mandy appears. She says hi, there is a short dialog, and Twitch learns that he can pilot the "Gundam" through a combination of thought and the control "circles." The part of his memory of knowing how to be an Ace pilot unlocks and the storage container shoots upwards. This next scene is similar to Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner when Dingo activates Jehuty, just to give everyone a visual. The storage container shoots up from underground and flies into the air. It bursts open and Gundam Serenity spreads its wings. The only offensive weapons that are equipped are the head Vulcans and the two Hyper Beam Sabers. This is more than enough as Twitch procedes to quickly elimate the enemy invasion force, assisting the Oceania Mobile Suits (a cross between the Tallgeese and a Greek Spartan. They have a large round shield, spears, head crests, and a high powered machine gun/rifle thing. I have not figured out what kind of firearm they get yet.). For a firearm, Twitch steals the rifle from a defeated Mobile Suit, expends its ammunition supply, obtains another weapon, and continues this process until the invasion force is utterly destroyed.
    The aftermath of this battle is that Oceania loosely allies with the Alliance and Twitch is the pilot of Serenity since no one else can pilot it. Mandy locked the Gundam so that only Twitch can open the cockpit. She also planted a portion of herself in his chip so that she is not only always in his head, but can communicate with him via his thoughts. This is to prevent him from being forced to open Serenity's cockpit and allow anyone access to its systems. Twitch pilots Serenity on multiple missions in Africa against the Federation and League.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I am stopping here for now, I will work on this more later.


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