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    Re: Whats your favorite version of MEEE!!! (Also Zaku general thread)

    Quote Originally Posted by Riah View Post
    Oh I thought Zeta was referring to a specific hentai site...
    So was I.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Yeah last year sometime I asked some anon on /m/ where they were getting the master archive stuff from and I was shocked when I was told that lol.
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    Re: Whats your favorite version of MEEE!!! (Also Zaku general thread)

    Quote Originally Posted by jaster-jesek View Post
    Yeah-- that doesn't make the least bit of sense.

    The Zeonic technology was blatantly crap. Despite having the lead for YEARS on making mobile suits, having developed them from simple workers to something that could actually defeat Warships-- the very first time that Anaheim so much as took a stab at making a mobile suit of any sort, it was so impossibly invincible that some whiney 15-year old geek could just climb into the thing on a total whim and just completely demolish the single most skilled pilot in all the Zeonic forces in his own personalized top-of-the-line, best-ever Zaku AND his entire squad.... over and over and over again without so much as sustaining a meaningful scratch!

    By the time they mass-produced the thing, absolute rookies who had absolutely never so much as climbed into a mobile suit even once could get into those things and disposed of the remaining experienced pilots that Zeon had left in their absolute pinnacle of mobile suit production within 2 months.

    And apparently there wasn't just one Gundam-- no, there were like 10-20 of the damn things active during the 1-year war and its direct aftermath. And not once, not even a single, solitary time did any Zeon pilot, most DEFINITELY not in any Zaku, gain even one victory over a Gundam. Not a single one was ever actually destroyed. There wasn't even something that could even be described as a "technical victory" in that maybe they lost, but at least they left a lasting impression. No, nothing. They just got completely one-sided steam-rolled everywhere and anyway a "Gundam" of any sort showed up. And literally everything that was put in the path of a Gundam or stumbled upon it was completely annihilated, every last member of Zeon who so much as laid eyes upon one ended up dead save for a number of traitors that could be counted on one-hand.

    And you are telling me that in order to "cause terror" they stopped using what no doubt in the eyes of the Zeonic forces was an invincible symbol of oppression that descended upon them like the hand of the devil himself and stole any dream of freedom from them and reaped all the souls that were brave enough to stand up and fight. And... instead they decided to use the most outdated, obsolete thing that had ever been seriously put upon the battlefield.

    That's not like the Americans and Russians incorporating German engineering into their battle machines. That is like after the Cold War launched, both the Americans and Russians decided to entirely throw out their entire jet production lines and instead have their elite forces flying propeller planes. You know, "upgraded" propeller planes, but most definitely propeller planes designed to look as similar as possible as those from the start of World War II. Oh, and they also painted them in Nazi colors.

    That's the other sticky point right there. If, in the very least, the "EFSF" alternate color Hi-Zack was the standard Titans color Hi-Zack instead, at least then they wouldn't be flying the colors of the very force they were designed to hunt down and eliminate.

    To be even remotely similar to the idea of incorporating German engineering into rockets, one would have to then claim that the mono-eye sight design was superior to the GM full optical vision and that having a bunch of exposed cables on the outside of the suit was superior to having armor plates over them. But those are both clearly signs of lower, cruder technology being used.... lower, cruder technology being given to those who apparently have the legal income of the entire Earth government backing them than the fringe rebel group with no financial support to speak of no less.

    And the very moment the Titans stop being a thing, you never again see the Earth Federation or Londo Bell flying absolutely anything but what is very clearly a Gundam derivative-- you know, the thing that would actually strike fear into the hearts into the hearts of anyone who would oppose the Earth and consider trying to fight for freedom or self-determination.
    After a long boring read like this, then all the banter of the following posts I can only add one small tid Bit to this.

    "what can you say or do when the Stockholm syndrome kicks in. We have lost another to the Feddies. So sad.. "

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