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    Re: What was YOUR FIRST gundam model kit

    Quote Originally Posted by Spaceshuttle View Post
    my first one was the hi nu hg prototype version with wings.....by the way whats the story of that different kind of hi nus?anyone knows?such a nice,cheap, and impressive kit,full inner frame and stuff!still love it on my shelf, its a must have hg for evry gundam pilot like me!
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    That is a kit is actually based on a redesign that I think the original artist (Yutaka Izubuchi) made so that the Hi-Nu could get a model kit. However thanks to advances in Gunpla technology, Katoki Hajime made a version that was based on the original artwork (also done my Yutaka Izubuchi) as seen here:

    As you can see, the original artwork had a much more bulkier design, while the redesign made it go on a diet.
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    Re: What was YOUR FIRST gundam model kit

    The old school 1/144 scale wing zero. Got it in 98. Used testors paints to paint it. Still have it.

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    Re: What was YOUR FIRST gundam model kit

    1/144 no grade Wing Gundam kit that I got at a flea market for $5 in maybe 2001? My roommate at the time had been given a 1/144 no grade Turn X and we became quite enamored with gunpla after that. We had already seen Gundam Wing on Toonami at this point but had no idea there were these awesome model kit/action figures out there.

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    Probably an RX-78 from back in the early 80's or one of those small simple put together toys with candy. I'm pretty sure it's the RX-78.

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    My first was either the Mg zaku 2 v1.0 or Hg 1/100 nataku. Those were bought around 15 yrs ago. Recently went back to my parents place and brought them back home with me. You wouldn't believe the nub marks on them. I think I just twisted the parts off the runners. Currently trying to repair them and paint them. They deserve some tlc.

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    Re: What was YOUR FIRST gundam model kit

    I think a 1/100 no grade deathscythe and short after that a MG GP-03 Stamen

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    Re: What was YOUR FIRST gundam model kit

    My first kit was a 1/144 HG Exia.
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