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    Exclamation Need Advice on current situation

    Good Morning all,

    I am recently married with a lovely wife. However, i have an issue.

    I had a 15K credit debt because of our spending and i lied to her about it. I did not tell her about it. She found out eventually and was really upset and disappointed with me. I had them since paid off that debt. This was before the marriage.


    I married my current wife on the 19th July 2014. I am having another 18K credit dedt due to our our spending (Piled up before our marriage) and I am really looking to have a reset button to have the credit issue constantly pressing on my mind. I have a lump sum that will be coming in in Oct that will pay off the debt. But the constant disappointment that se will discover my lies a second time is really concerning to me.

    I would like to hear your opinions on the above issue on how to resolve this. I welcome all advices.
    I know i am really despicable in writing this but I want to resolve this to embark on a new life with her, but i am afraid it will cause her too much heartache if i were to tell her this now after we remarried.

    (PS: I am an avid gundam collector and i am looking to hear the opinion of liked-minded brothers.


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    Re: Need Advice on current situation

    If you're going to pay it off in October, just tell her that you as a unit need to cut back on spending for a few months. Maybe let her see the finances in the future so you two can keep each others spending in check.


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    Re: Need Advice on current situation

    How did she manage not to notice the debt in the first place? Generally though pay it back if you can and then dont do it again. I know times can be tough, believe me I know but spending more than you have is only adding to the problem. As for how to deal it with your wife...
    Well the marriage is supposed to be a union of two people. What will be worse, you coming out with it or her finding about it eventually on her own?

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    Re: Need Advice on current situation

    It already happened once so I think you should just let her know. Then make darn sure that it never happens again by discussing that she will be informed of any and all spending. She has to be a part of the financial status, period. Yeah, she'll probably be worried more often that way, but at least she's aware of what's going on.
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    Re: Need Advice on current situation

    What these guys said. It's better to come clean and be honest about your spending problem then for her to find out on her own later. Honesty is the best policy.
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