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    Mobile Suit : Gundam [The Origin] {Vertical Hard Covers}

    Today I picked up Volume [V] Char & Sayla. I love it so far, I have also been grabbing them since ,[I] Activation, and am of course in-love with the whole 'kit-kabang'. Has any one else picked these up? If so, opinions? Unrelated plus? First Editions, probably means jack but i like first :3

    Info on said can be found here :
    Wiki Page
    Barns & Fobels...... Pic Reference?

    I will fer sure upload some pics (Non-spoiler?.?. Maybe?) and just stuff i liked from them? For now i have to read them back threw for a 5th time (Best Luxury problem ever!)

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    I just picked up the first book a couple of weeks ago and I was impressed. The art work is really nice and the quality of the book its self is awesome. I plan on buying book 2 (garma zabi I think) this friday and each one in the series each time I get paid until i have them all.

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    I have all of them except Volume 5. We've actually got a thread discussing these books here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeta View Post
    I have all of them except Volume 5. We've actually got a thread discussing these books here.
    I figured there was already . LOL ! I will admit i look rather haphazardly before posting XD sorry

    I looked still could not find will continue to though. Till then ill post here ?

    @ Reply #2 : That's basicly what i did when i saw the first one out when it came on shelves (Store here only stocks a few). Now that ive read threw them a few times some of the pages are starting to unbind from the bottom (Bad book handling) i get overly into these babys ..... sound effects whole kid ina candy shop stuff . I think i will double up on them ... Otaku status .... one for use and one for super triple safes ..safety deposit box in Atlantis type collection. (Been pondering this for certain kits unopend .) Guess thats my take on collections. LOL
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