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    Re: GNN Gundam News Network

    Yeah, as soon as I saw the full image it was clear. For me tho it was the gun. Looks like a gun a HG would have.

    I am still glad its getting a 1/100 and I will still be picking one up. I'll let them make up for the Jadg Doga being RE by releasing a MG of the Geara Zulu Custom. I am just soo happy to be seeing these grunts finally getting 1/100 treatment. (I wonder why the Geara Doga's frame wouldn't have worked for the Jadg tho?)

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    Re: GNN Gundam News Network

    Quote Originally Posted by LeDelmo View Post
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    Looks just like the MG Geara Doga arm to me.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Here's a full pic. Courtesy of Zip from GE.
    Besides what Squee said the other clue it was a RE was the elbow joint.

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    Re: GNN Gundam News Network

    Here's a comparison shot between both of the MG's of the F91:

    For reference, the 2.0 is on the left and the 1.0 is on the right.
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