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    Re: The true Battleground

    Quote Originally Posted by Ronové View Post
    Um, are you aware that this match-up is for Master Asia without his Mobile Suit?
    Ya, if Master Asia had the Master Gundam, this would be over as the first post was being written. LOL How bad would it be if he also had Fuun Saiki with him?...LOL

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    Re: The true Battleground

    Literally slicing suits in half with a piece of cloth.

    Kicking a god damn skyscraper into like kilometer into the air.

    All while being sick and dying from the a disease. And without the master Gundam.

    Mika is so kill.

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    Re: The true Battleground

    Like I said before, I honestly don’t see how anyone could seriously even think of this as anything but a squash match in Master Asia’s favor. He’s just that badass. Gundammonkey and Dom Tropen’s posts just drive that point in even further.

    For the record, match tally currently sits at 2 for Mika/Barbatos to 4 for Master Asia. Voting/battle lasts until Sunday morning (EST), at which point anyone can do a final tally and start the next match.
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