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    Stuck behind a damn desk now, finally off the road!!
    Got these in the mail today! Now I can get back on theYamato and with real railings this time.

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    Re: Latest Kit Acquisitions!

    Picked the Beam Master and Changeling Rifle up on the way back from a family trip last week. Started building the Cherudim during the trip, just finished it up tonight.

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    Re: Latest Kit Acquisitions!

    Stopped by Image Anime today to pick up a Momokapool. Grabbed a tristar exceed zaku head and a MG GM Sniper custom as well.

    Still waiting on my HLJ order which shipped yesterday. RG Tallgeese, FMP Arbalest, and 2 old Turn A HG Kapools.


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    Re: Latest Kit Acquisitions!

    Whee! My Momokapool should arrive next week, I hope.
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