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Thread: Life

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    Re: Life

    Wow, I thought you left this place, haha. Good to see you haven't forgotten about us.

    I haven't been around much because between work and spending time with my wife and son, I haven't had time for much else. Then I need to add on having to exercise after confirming I do have the genes for high cholesterol and well, it speaks for itself. I don't even have time to play games on my PC, although I don't really miss that at the moment.

    I can say that things are looking up for my garage at least. We were forced to clean it up after a minor flood caused by a blockage in the washer drain so now we have more space than before and we know what stuff to go through. It also gave us the opportunity to root out the mice that have invaded. Total body count for that endeavor has been 13 so far and I'm hoping no more once I get more traps in. I don't enjoy killing the little guys, but I want them out.
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    Re: Life

    Hey Dlinker, the feeling is mutual.

    It's not really that I forgot about this place, on the contrary, I still have the front page bookmarked in my browser from the day I joined! A lot of things ended up happening, both good and bad and I just eventually dropped off.

    Glad to hear things are going well on your end, though the flooding sucks. We had some horrible flood rain last year and that ended up destroying parts of our property. Thankfully insurance covered that. I haven't seen rodents in a good while, but they really are terrible to have, especially when their odors become noticable. Best of luck getting rid of them.

    With the gaming, pretty much the same. I managed to acquire a decent PC a few months back but I haven't been in the mood to play much.

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    Re: Life

    hello everybody


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