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    1/100 MG Sazabi restoration

    Hi folks new to the forum but not new to modeling building.

    Here I have a MG Sazabi I bought and built about 10 years ago with minimal knowledge of model building. Over the years I gain a lot more experience and have better tools for model building so I decided to restore this sloppy build and make it look nice

    So here are some before pictures

    As you can see the parts are not cleaned very nicely and it's pretty plain and dusty

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    After taking the whole thing apart (I broke a lot of those little pegs) I cleaned up all the little bits sticking out of the edges with a modeling knife and I separated all parts by colour so red for the armour, a very dark blue for some of the other parts, dark grey for the skeleton and the few yellow parts.

    I painted all the dark blues and greys with out trouble since there is no shading on them because they were so dark.
    I then kinda half assembled the model with the armor on and did the pre-shading and then today I painted the red and I matte finished all the parts.

    Here's a tip: Don't do pre-shading with each individual part on its own because once you assemble some parts that are right up next to each other will not look consistent. So try and build it so that all pieces that need pre-shading are together.

    Here are the results


    A huge difference in quality compared to what I did 10 years ago

    I don't have the legs in the picture because when I sprayed the leg armor some of the red painted ended up on the grey skeleton parts so I had to take the legs and feet apart to respray. the head too.

    Well this is almost done, hope you like it

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    Sweet! I actually painted mine when i got it attempting to follow that hobby booklet that came with it. A few dripped spots and nub marks everywhere! I totally feel you on wanting to fix this sweet kit! Looking good so far!


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    I wonder why is everyone shading the edges... No one giving highlighting a try... the edges are all in the light so they should be lighter, no?

    Good job, love the kit!

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    Great job on the restoration man. It's looking great.
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    How do you call those darker areas on the armor ?
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    Hehe I don't why the edges are shaded either but I'm just going with the flow, I get that the areas where 2 pieces touch should be shaded cuz that is where dirt and grime would build up but on the edges I don't really know why I did them myself.

    I don't know about highlighting, after doing pre-shading and then regular painting, there isn't much room for highlights in terms of surface area maybe some extreme highlights on the edges but they have pre-shading in this case. Maybe on my next restoration project.

    Thanks for the comments guys

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    Oh man, this is making me want to revisit the first HG kits I built and fix them up too. The pre-shading does look great. Gives the kit a more intimidating look.

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    I agree with dlinker i think the heavy shading makes the kit look mean. Nice job i few kits i would like to take apart and paint.

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    I agree that the shading makes it look more intimidating. Looking forward to the finished product!


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