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Thread: The Car Topic

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    Re: The Car Topic

    Gold wings are ultra comfy beasts dude. and i love my VTX 1300. i just wish it were louder. the mufflers on it are YUGE and its embarrassing when you ride with loud ass bikes and everyone is revving and your just like "at least their noise will cover my quiet". sometimes its nice having a quiet ass bike but 99% of the time i wish it would roar. ive been considering getting louder pipes but man its expensive and im not sure if i wont regret it later. a buddy of mine with a road king with loud ass pipes told me "your bike can only be loud and annoying so long before its loud and annoying to you" and ive kinda taken that to heart. but a part of me still wishes my bike weren't SO DAMN QUIET

    But yea im about decided on wanting the trailer. would be awesome for a lot of things. could throw my rifle and ammo in it and go to the longer ranges that are a good drive away. i primarily want to use it for camping further out. my truck is a gas guzzler and most of the time i dotn need THAT much gear. but i do need more than i can toss in a pack and strap to my bike. if i were going to more remote places i didnt have to bring my own food, water and waste management stuff (some places you have to bring your own firewood) i could easily go with my main pack strapped to my bike. but most of the time its places i cant hunt or are fished out so not reliable for food. and cant just dig a cathole and do my business cause other people use the campgrounds. but yea even still i can bring more luxury iems with it. like a nice chair and a big cooler and big ground cloth. and ive been wanting to get a folding cot to.

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    This guy's DIY trailer is nice.

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    Re: The Car Topic

    So... it's finally happening:

    I'll be honest, I welcome this change. While FR is certainly traditional, the handling is difficult to deal with (especially on the track). MR on the other hand, allows for a better balanced car that conquer corners with ease.
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    Re: The Car Topic

    As I've said before, lord knows they've flirted with it long enough and it's the next logical step that Duntov wanted, since if you want to split hairs it's already been mid engine since 63 when it first made the swap to front mid engine. But yeah it's definitely more of a track focused choice, the regulations in GTE just don't suit the C7.R as much as they once did (I could make and see arguments that part of it is BoP especially in Europe), hell even Porsche's 911RSR is mid engine at this point, meanwhile off track it's at it's peak with the ZR-1 taking records from more contemporary super cars like the course record at VIR.

    My real question is if the rumors that Corvette is going to be spun off into a sub brand as rumors have said, GM's been trade marking the term Zora for awhile around the world, and this thing has been in development if rumors are right since before the C7 even launched, some people have postulated that the reason the Stingray moniker was brought back for the C7 was because they're going to split it off into two model lines under the Corvette banner, it'd make sense seeing as one of the biggest issues with a properly mid engine corvette will be cost, not just initial but increased maintenance costs potentially, and who knows how reliable it'll be out of the gate first time trying something like this, hell even the C7 Z06 had it's issues when it launched and it was pretty traditional as far as things went. There's also the loss of sales from let's face it the older demographic that makes a big chunk of New Vette sales that'll not want it or not be able to afford it. Either way it'll be interesting to see once revealed and released how it all goes, at least if the more traditional Vette is replaced the new ZR-1 is shaping up to be one hell of a swan song at least.

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    Re: The Car Topic

    Personally the body lines of the new C8 resemble that of a Ferrari. But I agree that it's been a long time coming, and needed to happen for awhile. However like Zeon said. A majority of Vette buyers are purests that have had Corvettes previously. And they will not welcome this change at all. As it would "take the soul" of the Corvette.

    I'm looking forward to seeing it finally. We will see if it lives up to the hype.
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