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    Min / Max builds (Gundam Dynasty Warriors 3 / Gundam Musou 3 Discussion)

    Hey guys,

    I figured that maybe some of us still play DWG3 / GM3 and would like to compare notes and builds to min / max your pilots for tough encounters. I have 100% completion which is nothing to tote around but figured for people either just getting this game or minor addicts who really like breaking things in games for enjoyment. Ill post in next day or so, but please feel free to post your top "x" builds and pilots.

    If interested in getting a 4 man death squad to farm plans on PS3 shoot an invite to Jihad__Jack and we will get you worked on.

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    Damn. I'd love to compare notes there, but I've only played DWG2 for PS2. Mainly DGW2 doesn't have anything like that, or atleast I havn't noticed.

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    top build : I've obtained a lot, but I'd go with the Ol' Good D-Scythe Hell.

    Haven't played this game in a while but I guess it is still as easy as hell, compared to Gundam Extreme Vs.
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