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    Guidelines Quick-Reference

    Ok, so most of us have seen what can happen to flame wars when left unsupervised. In order to prevent this particular forum from becoming a hate filled pile of garbage I am going to announce a few general guidelines to be followed even when posting in the Battleground.

    1. No Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Ageist or any other mean 'ist comments.
    2. No direct personal attacks, feel free to bash products, music, television, but not your fellow forum members.
    3. No unnecessary vulgarity. (Use the words you feel necessary to make your point and express yourself.)
    4. I reserve the right to make more rules / pull posts as I see fit.

    All in all just try not to be gross, a jerk, or a gross jerk, eh?

    G.O.D help us all,
    welcome to the battleground!


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    Re: Guidelines Quick-Reference

    Awwww, you used my G.O.D.... I feel special now
    check me out on tumblr!!

    You cannot stop Batman. Entire planets have tried. When Batman crosses railroad tracks, the warning lights are for the train's safety. The four fundamental interactions in physics are gravity, electromagnetism, weak nuclear force and Batman getting what he wants.

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    Re: Guidelines Quick-Reference

    Quote Originally Posted by GNzaku0023
    Awwww, you used my G.O.D.... I feel special now
    It's official: G.O.D. Is this forum's in-joke.


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