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    ordering gundams on hlj and living in the us

    I hate using real credit cards online no matter how many people say it's safe. So I was wondering if anyone here knew if there is a way to order using any prepaid card credit/debit/gift all i have ever used online is walmart's money card temporary use and only usable in the us which only opens me up to use gundam store and more. They just don't get restocked fast enough when stuff is high demand sometimes but other than that they have been awesome. There was 1 more forgot the name it was California based but it has terrible service says there in stock online when it's not. hobbywave is Canadian billing last i checked and the walmart money card was declined due to that so if there are any other us billing site recomandations i'll gladly hear them

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    Try Gundam Planet. They are based in New Jersey. An excellent store with excellent service.

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