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    Re: Selling kits

    Have you got any MG Geara Dogas, or a complete head + shoulder polycaps for the first issue MG Sazabi?
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    Re: Gundam Model Kit Sale

    Is this sale still running, or are they sold out and closed up? I'm interested in the Sinanju Stein. If they'll go lower, even better.
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    Re: Plamobot's trade thread

    I'm still trying to find a complete head and shoulder polycaps for my MG Sazabi, and a pair of MG Geara Dogas.
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    Re: MG MS-06Fz Kai B Zaku II

    I'm going to see how well a Geara Doga helmet will fit on the Zaku II noggin. If it works, we may be in business.
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    Sticky: Re: Latest Kit Acquisitions!

    It looks like a fun build, and it's going to be #6 of my Magnificent Seven/Seven Samurai mashup. I'm looking for the Efreet Schneid in RE/100 too.
  6. Re: What tabletop RPG system is best to do a Gundam campaign?

    I'm waiting for a more in depth Intel briefing on the game I just heard about. My buddy who owns A Hobby Shop in Winter Haven, FL has been hosting Gundam battles. I'll post more when I know it.
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    Sticky: Re: Latest Kit Acquisitions!

    Got this beauty in the mail from a brother vet and highschool classmate.

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    Re: Possibly Moving Sale

    Interested in the RE /100 Efreet Schneid, if it's still available. Shipping is the real killer. PM me with shipping cost to USA, 65680.
  9. Re: Zaku F2000 Super Custom: arm Machineguns needed.

    I think they're modified 120mm guns in armored farings. I THINK the 105mm Arm Mounted Machinegun for the Dom Cannon is a modified 120 as well, which is an easy conversion, since all that's needed is...
  10. Zaku F2000 Super Custom: arm Machineguns needed.

    Hey all,
    I'm looking for a couple of Zaku F2000 Super Custom arm Machineguns for a bash I'm going to be doing. I'm planning on super customizing a Zaku II Fz Kai-B as a practice run for the 1/100...
  11. Sticky: Re: What would Bandai do for a Perfect Grade Turn A Gundam?

    Zaku II Fz Kai-B, perhaps? I dread trying to scratch build a Stahlhelm...
  12. Sticky: Re: Which model kits would you like to see get made?

    I have the "Strong Rifle" for my MS-18KX Kämpfer Kommando, but I need the second rifle, from "Full Frontal's" Geara Doga, for a few builds, including a couple of Geara Dogas.
  13. Sticky: Re: Which model kits would you like to see get made?

    A lady after my own heart!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Do they make this? 20497

    Or this? 20498
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    Re: MG MS-06Fz Kai B Zaku II

    I thought the Zaku II forearm 105mm MGs were based on the 120mm Zaku MG, just rebarrelled to 105mm and mounted forearm style, like the MG on the arm of the Zaku II Super Custom F2000.

    Honestly, I...
  15. Sticky: Re: Which model kits would you like to see get made?

    Oooh yes, MG Gelgoog Jäger, Rick Dom II, Zaku II Fz Kai-B, and accessory/upgrade kits, like a up-armored kit for the MG Kämpfer, optional armament sets (like, the most popular weapon types from each...
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    MG MS-06Fz Kai B Zaku II

    Does anybody know if there is or was a Zaku II kit that includes the optional part(s) to make a MS-06Fz Kai B? How about the parts for the 105mm forearm machine gun that was supposedly far more...
  17. Thread: My WIPs

    by Drachenherz

    Re: My WIPs

    Iris, what kit did that big, claw right hand come from, is there a left hand just like it, and how big is it? I need a huge, claw left hand for a custom build on my Max Factory 1/72 Big Foot...
  18. Sticky: Re: New to Gunpla? This thread will answer your questions. Ask here, and not a new th

    I have two of those Camaro kits for my younglings! I also got them both a PetitG'Guy bear kit.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I use the various sets of clippers I've acquired over a career in the...
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    I got a new one!

    I pulled the trigger on a preorder for one of the new Max Factory "Fang of the Sun Dougram" kits, and I'm having a massive Nerdgasm!!! This kit is BEAUTIFUL! I'm building it as a BattleTech mech (Up...
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    Re: Cleaning out my closet

    Man, if this is still available, I'd love to haggle a deal with you. PM me if it's still available.
  21. Available for trade/sale: MG Strike Gundam Full Burst Mode clear blue effects parts

    I have the full sprue of clear blue effects parts for the MG Strike Gundam Full Burst Mode kit.
    Looking for trades or cash. Please PM me with cash offers. Trade wants are:

    * MG Sazabi head parts...
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    MG Sazabi head parts needed

    Hi folks, I have a original tool MG Sazabi, but he's missing most of the head parts. I need the following:

    G: 11, 12, 15, 17, 25
    S2: 9
    T: 13, 14 (x2), 28

    I'm willing to pay or trade. I have a...
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    Re: Looking for HGUC kits parts !

    Are you still needing Dom feet? I still have the Rick Dom II parts kit.
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    Re: MG Sazabi Ver Ka

    Do you still have this? What are you asking for it, both cash price and trade wants?
  25. Re: Upgrading/Rebooting for a Global audience

    I wonder if they'd care if their profit margin started to suffer.
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