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    Re: What are you currently watching/reading?

    I am rewatching Yu Yu Hakusho with the girlfriend. I'm personally watching Gundam Build Fighters cuz it looks real dumb and cute. Had to laugh because I made this account before watching that show --...
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    Sticky: Re: National Gunpla Retail Store Database

    I have one that I found out about this past holiday in Alpharetta, GA. Dokimeki Japan at North Point Mall.
  3. Thread: Hello!

    by RoombaRal

    Re: Hello!

    Hello fellow new Gunpla builder. As far as places to start watching Gundam, my girlfriends first Gundam series was Iron Blooded Orphans. She thoroughly enjoyed it and wants to watch the oldre series....
  4. Re: Hello, I am RoombaRal! Pleased to meet you.

    Of course! That's why I started with those two. Fun builds, too. I'm getting some supplies and a couple new tools to replace some basic stuff I got to really get srarted on detailing and finishing...
  5. Hello, I am RoombaRal! Pleased to meet you.

    Hey, guys!

    I decided to join the forum on a lark because I've got the gunpla bug for the first time since I was a teenager. Been out of the fandom for years. I got caught up on IBO and the remake...
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