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    Re: Gundam X Blu-Ray Release

    Damn, I'm so jelly.

    We've only just had ZZ Blu-ray release over here. T_T
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    Re: Gundam Build Divers

    As the premiere of Divers is swiftly approaching, I was curious about what kind of mobile suits people would want to see spotlighted.

    As the Prologue has revealed, titles as recent as Thunderbolt...
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    Re: Gundam X Blu-Ray Release

    Man, if they don't bring this to the West then I will riot! :mad:

    Gundam X is my favourite after all. <3
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    Sticky: Re: GNN Gundam News Network

    The X mechs getting love makes me a happy panda. <3
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    Sticky: Re: Latest Kit Acquisitions!

    I've been really getting into the AGE kits and so I ended up getting this...


    The Legolas Gundam. :p
  6. Re: Would anyone else like to see them Remake F91 as it was originally sopost to be?

    I wouldn't mind a remake of F91, preferably fleshed out as per the novelisation Tomino wrote after the fact.

    A quick aside but, I really liked how they redrew the portraits for the Crossbone...
  7. Re: How useful would a Zaku II High Mobility Minelayer be for the Principality of Zeo

    Funnily enough, a Zaku Minelayer did appear in the Prologue for "Gundam Build Divers" and its mines were cleverly used as a dummy trap for the enemy to destroy and by doing so they got too close to...
  8. Re: Would you want a "Beltorchika's Children" anime adaptation?

    I must admit, part of the reason I would want BC animated is because it would raise the chances of getting a HF anime as well. ;)
  9. Re: Would you want a "Beltorchika's Children" anime adaptation?

    Oh? Care to elaborate on what these plot holes are and why they are problematic?
  10. Re: What is the most Obscure mobile suit you know of.

    Rather than obscure MS from obscure series, I find it interesting when suits from mainstream series fall into obscurity.

    Like for example, Luin Lee/Captain Mask was the Char clone of Reconguista...
  11. Re: Would you want a "Beltorchika's Children" anime adaptation?

    How interesting. Hi-Streamer was always on my backlog of Gundam books to buy. I'm even more excited to pick it up now. :)

    But to get back on topic, I too would like them to expand on the buildup...
  12. Re: Would you want a "Beltorchika's Children" anime adaptation?

    Oh? I have not yet read Hi-Streamer. What are these "earlier chapters" about?

    I also agree that it is more likely that if BC did get an anime then it would be an OVA instead of a film like CCA.
  13. NHK Hosts Mega Gundam Poll for Upcoming TV Special

    [Thanks to Anime News Network for the info.]

    NHK launched an online "All Gundam Poll" on Friday for the Gundam franchise in preparation for its upcoming "Rekishi Hiwa: Gundam Historia" (Secret...
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    Poll: Re: Star Wars Thread

    I was not a fan of The Last Jedi. The Force Awakens was passable at best, but this movie was a complete shambles.

    From the character assassination of Luke, to the bloated filler (I'm looking at...
  15. Would you want a "Beltorchika's Children" anime adaptation?

    For those unaware, "Beltorchika's Children" was a novel released in 1988 based on the original rejected screenplay for the Char's Counterattack movie. It follows the same basic plot with some key...
  16. Re: What are your thoughts on 3D Printed Gunpla?

    Probably not for entire Gunpla, but I can see 3D printing being used to make replacement parts when Gunpla gets damaged or a part goes missing.
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    Re: Gundam Build Divers

    "Gundam Build Divers Anime's Promo Video, Theme Song Artists, April 3 Premiere Revealed"

    Four and a half weeks left to go until the premiere. The hype is building~
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    Re: Super Robot Wars news coming December 11.

    I mean, it's region free thanks to being on the PS4/Vita and the Asian release will almost certainly contain English subs like SRWV did so you could just import it.

    I certainly plan to.
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    Re: Alaya Vijnana. Would you have the Surgery?

    During the Calamity War where the fate of humanity is at stake? Sure, I'd take the surgery as your life prospects aren't that great either way.

    But Post-Calamity War? Not for me thanks. Besides,...
  20. Re: Would you prefer "Anime" accurate Gunpla or a more modern updated version?

    I would prefer kits to be anime accurate for a straight build and then if I choose to, I can customise them later.

    Going crazy with MS designs is what I love the Build Fighters series for. <3
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    Re: Super Robot Wars news coming December 11.

    Bumping this thread now that we've got official confirmation of the title and the cast.

    The game is called "Super Robot Wars X (pronounced 'Cross')". Taking place in the fantasy world of...
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    Re: Gundam Build Divers

    I am cautiously optimistic. The Prologue gave me a lot of hope after reading the synopsis, but there are still a lot of little things that worry me such as the director of Try coming back.

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    Operation British is a go~

    Hello y'all.

    Gundam fan from the UK here~

    I've always been a huge Sci-Fi fan, but since Mobile Suit Gundam hasn't to my knowledge ever aired in the UK so as a result I was largely unaware of it...
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