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  1. Hey old friend. How are you and the other badasses here? How is the missus and comrades? Its good to be home again my friend and hope to hear from you and the others. If you are still in contact with SFA and GNZ, tell them I send my regards :P
  2. Good For you Man! Glad to hear your family is participating in a single hobby. Its stuff like that, that will form strong bonds for years to come. As the saying goes, "A family that plays together, stays together". lol

    As for the other problems, sorry to hear and you have my prayers. and glad to see youre still around lol. Enjoy man
  3. Family is super-good! Well, at least the immediate family. The rest....eh, rather not go there :/ They're keeping me stepping. Family business is doing well, so that takes a lot of my time anymore. It's just so hard to scratch out the time to actually sit in front of a computer like this and check-in regularly. I think I'm gonna try that Tapatalk app, cuz I always have my phone on hand and usually I get a minute of 2 here and there. That's why I like the ol' Twitter so much ^^
    Actually, the whole fam is planning on participating in the GBWC this year! I'm doing RG Zeta, wife's painting up a Farsia, and my 6-year-old is working on a BuCUE. First Family of Gunpla, represent! Lol!
    And how are things your way?
  4. Hey Good to hear man? hows the family and what not? For real about the kit and stuff kick!
  5. Hey! I'm creepy, no? How's it going?
    Busy, as usual here. Racing to get a kit together for the Otakon part of the GBWC
  6. Hey Noticed you haunting around. Just wanted to say hi! lol
  7. Hey good to see youre still amongst us old friend!
  8. Nah, It makes Sense. Glad to know you luna and the others are ok lol
  9. Luna is great! We had a super fantastic time at Otakon last week and are now checking out some ZZ Gundam action on Daisuki. Honestly, I haven't had much - if any - contact with SFA or GNZ for awhile. And that's mostly on me. I know GNZ is doing well and is really into, I think Cardfight Vanguard, designing custom playing mats and such. I have pretty regular correspondence with Joe from Joe's Gunpla. He's doing ok - dealing with a lot of "In Real Life" issues, but still making lotsa Gunpla I really should hop on here and post some pics, share news, etc....I just wish I had the power to help with Admin problems. Like, we Mods just can't do all we need to and M1ckey is great, but is AWOL a lot. I get really frustrated when we get infested with spambots, have email confirmation probs, or recent issues like everyone's been having. The powerless-ness I feel makes me want to just stay away, because I can't fix it. I'm used to fixing things! Stupid reasoning, I know :/
  10. Good as usual, Living life on and off the Forums to the fullest. How are Luna and the others? SFA GNZ ETC?
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