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  1. Hey Kenico, you want to have Shinai and Nahlveen speak a little bit before they unleash a storm to take down the fighters?
  2. Should... should I step in? Or is it too late?
  3. Kenico, for the Star Wars RP, you can release the Beast.
  4. I hope you've following the Star Wars RP. Things are about to get serious. To sum things up: Traya made it to the ruins but was repelled by a large creature called a Leviathan; Archaic One (plus Asalyn) faced a Bull Rancor and lived by offering up Asalyn's dead pet cat; Ann returned back to the camp and nearly sparked a confrontation between her and Asalyn. Right now, Traya has each of us (including Asalyn) with a bolt of lightning and has led the Leviathan back to the camp. So yeah, things are pretty grim right now.
  5. By the way, did you see the lightsaber maneuvers Arwen pulled off on the Star Wars RP?
  6. Hey Kenico, you going to join in the Build Divers RP?
  7. Hey Kenico, is Owen's helmet on or off of his head?
  8. So Kenico, do you want to continue down Owen's memory lane... or would you like to see some of Arwen's memories? At this point, Arwen has deduced what is likely going to happen if we continue down this memory. I think that by seeing Arwen's memories (and seeing what she has gone through), she and Owen can come to an understanding. That even though they lost someone they loved, they are never alone.
  9. Take your time. I've been sick as well. It is that season afterall.
  10. I'm sorry I haven't read it yet. My Mom has been in the hospital with Pneumonia so I've haven't been vigilant as usual I'll look at the RP in a sec and respond.
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