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  1. Bandai could make some serious dough if they release a general bag of effects (Wings of Light, MB, that kind of thing), along with releasing a bag of articulated hands, haha.

    I also want to see an MG Turn X, along with the Sumo. I'll buy those in a heartbeat. Oh the things you can do with them... Even the kitbashing possibilities are amazing What I'm hoping Bandai is doing is simply holding out on releasing them. Kinda like how we're just now getting MG kits of suits that came from a series long ago. We'll see them, but maybe not until a year or two down the line. Optimistic thinking, I know, but it's all we got...
  2. Definitely stick with the series and you won't go wrong. I took Monday off from work and actually started watching Turn A again. Before I knew it I'd gone through 18 episodes.

    I completely forgot about the beam rifle being destroyed almost immediately. When I saw that again I definitely lol'd. But yeah, I'm hoping that MB effects might be a reality in the future. I think Bandai is on the right track with the whole Builder's Parts deal. They just need to extend the line to more specific suits and series. What I really want to see now is a MG Turn X. I think gunpla has come far enough along that they could actually build a kit as complex as the Turn X would be.
  3. Ouch, good thing I asked first before downloading them, haha. Thanks for the heads-up. I'll stick to watching the normal episodes and enjoy the ride in a slow manner, as is appropriate for a series like this.

    I agree with you completely about the Moonlight Butterfly effect parts. Kinda curious why they left them out. They included the rifle, something that gets blown up within an episode of the Turn A's introduction in the series, but not the MB effects. Perhaps they're going to re-release the kit again somewhere down the years with them included... Lousy Bandai/Sunrise and their need to keep us hooked on their products. They probably know we'd buy the kit again just for the parts, haha.
  4. The only thing I painted on my Turn A was the blue, because I thought it was a tad lighter than the anime. You're right though, it really doesn't need much painting if any. Funny enough I don't feel like it even needs weapons either. Moonlight Butterfly effect parts would have been nice though.

    I couldn't find the Turn A compilations anywhere. Most reviews I read say it's a hot mess though and the translations are somewhat inaccurate. I don't think you'd be missing much.
  5. I will indeed have fun with the MG Turn A. I was thinking of leaving it as is, no paint at all, but I think I'll be painting the grey parts with Gunmetal to give it more flash.

    Have you seen the condensed movie version of Turn A? I'm wondering how it compares to the 50-episode series, whether it actually makes sense or it gives a sense of incompleteness like with F91.
  6. Well I'm glad to see you enjoy it so far! I wish more folks would give the show a chance. I always hear complaints about the MS designs and lack of battles, but I think the series is perfect the way it is. The pacing becomes a roller-coaster later, but it's still a fun ride. I need to watch it again myself to get reacquainted.

    Have fun with the MG Turn A. It's still one of the best MG's to date.
  7. What's up, NoZakuBoy. Sorry for the delay. I've only watched up to Episode 9 so far, but I'm loving everything about it. It's really slice-of-life mixed with Gundam and it works really well. I'll admit, I was a bit taken aback with all of the nudity in the first episode (mostly because I didn't expect it, haha), but it grew on me fairly quickly. The slowness of the episodes and overall lighthearted feel is simply right for me. I'm holding off on watching episodes too often so I can stay in the moment when I get to building the MG Turn A
  8. Hey Dlinker. So I saw on one of the threads that you're watching Turn A right now. I was just wondering what you think of it so far?
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