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  1. Riah, this really nice of you! I'll set it as my avatar when I get on my main computer. Thanks for this gift.

  2. I was messing around trying to make my own avatar and just decided to try to make one for you. Don't have to use if it if you don't like it.
  3. You assumed correct, thanks for the follow and don't feel shy to message me there as well.
  4. FanimusMaximus. That was the username you used in the chat and it was the name of the tumblr where you had that exploitable GBF pic, so I assumed that was you.
  5. What was the name of the account you followed?
  6. Oh, hope its alright I followed you on Tumblr. I'm BadWrongFun on there, but I'm a super newb on that. What with the forum messing up and being unavailable sometimes, I just figure it'd be nice to have some other way of contacting some of y'all.
  7. So was that avatar from the show?
  8. You know it's avatars like yours that make me remember how much I loved Allenby.
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