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  1. Hey I heard GSAM shut down a while back (Thread has GSAM disappeared?) and sorry to hear that. However it has made me and a few worried that this place will shut down anytime soon. Is that going to happen or did the original owner took steps to make sure this place stayed up
  2. sorry to bug you about WTH but in the pirate deal am i waiting on you or me? lol
  3. Hey i dont mean to sound pushy but in order to do anything with Marshall, Boneparte and your guy...well...were waiting on you
  4. hey did you get my message lol?
  5. Hey as you heard, ive got my WTH Reboot Discussion page up. If youre interested in jumping into that youre more than welcome!
  6. And here I thought I was the only one that was a fan of Escaflowne. Top notch good sir. Top notch.
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