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  1. I don't go to as many Ducks home games as I'd like to. Good hockey tickets are expensive (it's one of the reasons why I like going to baseball games more).

    As for the Sharks and their 2-0 record, psshhh. A lot of teams at the beginning of the season have a 2-0 record, that doesn't make you special. That said, if the Ducks are doing terrible, I'll take the Sharks over the Kings any day. #LAKingsSuck
  2. Yeah, another Ducks fan! Woo! Do you go to any home games? The Honda Center (before it was called that, it was known as the Arrowhead Pond) has always been a gorgeous arena, especially compared to the crappy arena the Sharks play in, reminds me of a warehouse, all cold and gloomy, lol. Speaking of the Sharks, everyone up here can't stop acting like they won the Cup or something just because they're 2-0 on the season, lol. I guess when you always choke like they do, you really have to grasp at straws, ha!

    As for Skype, I don't have an account unfortunately
  3. You like Hockey too?! And you're a Ducks fan! That is doubly awesome! I like the Ducks, too and I like you too. You got a Skype account? We could chat on there as well.
  4. The division I follow, the AL West, is looking particularly tight. While the Texas Rangers lead the division, my Angels are only a half game behind the Astros for the second AL Wild Card slot. Although, we could potentially take the AL Western title since after a three-game home stand with the Oakland A's we face the Rangers at their stadium for four games. However if the Angels don't make it to the postseason, I want to the Cubs to win it.

    Edit: To answer your question, yes the Mets are going to the postseason as they lead the NL Eastern Division. It's also nice to talk sports with someone else. Not a whole lot of users here on the forums are into sports. Besides baseball, what else do you like?
  5. Thanks for your condolences, Zeta. We had a tough year this year. Hard schedule, crapton of injuries, the most significant of which being loosing Hunter Pence, although Marlin Byrd has been a shot in the arm both in the outfield and at bat. I hope he returns to the Giants next year. Hmm, who do I want to see win the whole post season? Well, certainly not the Dodgers, if they even make it that far, lol. Don't really care much for the Cardinals, either. I'd kinda like to see the Mets win, just because everyone likes to make fun of how bad they are...or were, anyway. They are going to the post season, right? I'll be honest, I really only follow the Giants, so forgive me if I'm off.

    How about you?
  6. Hey, sorry your SF Giants didn't make it to the playoffs this year. I honestly though that they had a shot at repeating given the strong start that they had at the beginning of the season. So since the Giants are out, who do you want to see win the whole post-season run?
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