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  1. Nice to see you were banned on accident. Got me worried there that you got banned because of your thread about Destiny, haha. I was typing a response to it and then when I hit submit, it said the thread no longer existed. I thought to myself, "Oh man, did the mods finally get tired of us talking about SEED and Destiny?". Darn shame, it was going pretty well.
  2. It's fine man thanks anyway ^^
  3. I hate to tell you this since I'm not much of fan myself, but my memory of the game is vague now so the only help I can provide is to search for a walkthrough I don't really like using walkthroughs unless I'm stuck for days, haha.
  4. Well I'm playing through dawn of sorrow but I'm stuck after the water power up and unsure of where to go seeing as one of the rooms I found is full of spikes :\
  5. Dude, I played the hell out of Dawn of Sorrow. Well, mostly for the items and endings, haha. I even played through Julius mode when I unlocked it. It was pretty tough and frustrating at times, but I loved it. I still remember fighting that one boss as Julius. I forget its name, but it was the bug guy in a suit, haha.
  6. SOTN is amazing as well as some of the new DS games which you can get pretty cheap like dawn of sorrow
  7. Ah, I never would have guessed that. I googled up my username and it's surprisingly common. There's even a guy out there named David Linker, haha. Googling your username takes me back to the Castlevania games I've played. To this day, I still find Symphony of the Night to be the best one yet. Granted, I've only played that and the ones on the GBA/DS, but still. I absolutely love the soundtrack for SOTN too.
  8. Lol mine derives from the first boss of super castlevania IV a skeleton riding a skeleton horse.
  9. Derived from nothing fancy at all: the name of a network devices vendor because that's all that came to mind when I created an account to lurk in this forum last year. Added the "er" because it sounded better, haha. What about you?
  10. Btw man where'd your name come from?:P
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