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  1. Hey Kenico, the ball is in your court for the Star Wars RP. To bring you up to speed, you and Yondu have met the scientist who's being held hostage by the Imperial remnants. Apparently she helped develop a deadly bio-weapon that is essentially a microorganism that consumes organic matter and then multiplies. This scientist, Dr. Laiden, now needs your help her defect to the New Republic fleet. You will be on point with Laiden in the middle and Yondu covering the rear.
  2. Hey Kenico, for mailing purposes regarding your deal what's your name?
  3. hows everything? lol
  4. Cool. XD
  5. Hey hows the package coming?
  6. Ok man i was worried. Awesome Ep wasnt it?
  7. Hey Is everything alright? I was worried man lol
  8. Hey man glad your back lol. did you ever get that info i sent you?
  9. Hey got some news: The first guy's deal fell through and youre free and clear. Ive sent you what you need via pm...i look forward to completing my VERY FIRST Trade
  10. Well?
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