View Full Version : Your top 5 Gundam Model Kits?

October 24, 2012, 4:24 PM
As my first post I want to have some fun knowing what are the best gundam that you think that have something especial in them, that especial feeling could be the fun that it gave you while finishing it, articulation, the way it looks or the hard work that you put in it. Well here is my top five :)

1. MG RX-78-2 ( well this gundam was kind of hard, is a simple model but full of gimmicks, articulation, and I just painted and look awesome :) )
2. MG sword Impulse ( I liked for the reason that has alot of weapons, the sword make this guy look bad ass, a did't really like it's normal colors, soo I changed a little bit with other that I like more)
3. MG red astray frame ( I was expecting more, but I am satisfied I guess, the articulation is untrustworthy but looks cool)
4. MG blue astray frame ( Is the same as the other astray, but this guy has less weapons and just for the fact that has no sword is in forth place :P )
5 MG wing costume zero ( I hate the head of this guy, is just too small, is a simple gundam for me)

Well that my top five, and that's all the gundam that I have plus I am finishing the MG RX-93 v gundam and is huge!!!

I can't wait for your top five guys :) Will wait your replies!

October 24, 2012, 5:49 PM
1. MG Strike Freedom (This is one of my favorite Gundams. And I love the articulation and detail this kit has)
2. MG 00 Raiser (This kit I've done some special work on and I simply love the look and feel of it)
3. MG Epyon (My 2nd favorite Gundam. So it's really just an honor to have this kit)
4. RG Freedom (This was my 1st RG kit, and it really blew my mind how detailed these kits are)
5. RG Mk.II Titans (An amazing kit of an amazing Gundam)