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October 4, 2012, 3:38 AM
Alright. In 2013 I want to do something big. I told myself "are you crazy" "thinking" about assembling and detailing one PG model?

I might be.

I can't decide what I want to buy, and the choices are limited in the PG line. I am willing to spend the cash because it will be a gift. My parents have known for a few years now that I am a model builder, and they [mostly] support my hobby. Thankfully, at the age of 23 I still get birthday gifts. Yuletide/Christmas will be a gun [In the United States, citizens who aren't felons have the right to keep and bear firearms], and my birthday will be a PG. Last year, I asked, and received supply money and a MG Heavyarms and MG Wing Gundam. Back on topic.

I am going to create a pugh selection matrix, like I do for a lot of things, to help me decide on the kit. Here is where the community comes in. What can you tell me about PGs in general, which ones are smooth, and which are finnicky? I have been told Wing Zero Custom has wing issues and 00 Raiser is uh.... unposeable.

My top factors will be ease of build, price point, and poseability. I have no problems creating a custom display stand for the kit as well as a custom transportation box. Painting and some scratchbuilding are not issues. In short, I have the skills, not the bills, and what do you guys and girls think about PG recommendations?

October 4, 2012, 6:55 AM
According to my investiagtion, it is shrewd to either purchase RX-78-2, Red frame Astray or "Strike".
However, there are many claiming Astray to possess too many parts of Strike which, more significantly, is offered for a lower price than Red frame Astray.
I haven't inquired after Zeta's conditions yet.

Speaking of which, there used to be a F91 PG Model.

October 4, 2012, 7:19 AM
PG mkII is a fabulous kit, as well as being somewhat affordable compared to the more current Gen of pgs. I will be considering a zaku or gpo1fb as my next pg.

October 4, 2012, 11:20 AM
I want my first pg to be the gpo1 fb but I might not assemble one till 2014 and it might be one of my only models for that year because it's so expensive.

October 4, 2012, 12:05 PM
I plan on getting the PG Strike Freedom as my 1st PG kit. I've heard both good things and bad things about it. But I've heard nothing buy good reviews about the Astray and the Mk.II.

October 4, 2012, 1:22 PM
after building four perfect grades, Char's Zaku, RX-78-2, RX-178 Mk.II, and the Wing Zero custom. I would highly go for either a Zaku, the Mk.II or the original Gundam only because those three alone are very easy to build, not too many issues with any of the parts and those three alone are pretty solid once built. I do have a PG green Zaku that I never built with the custom clear armor/weapon add-on's but I just don't know if I want to build the green one or trade it with someone to get a PG gundam again (the RX-78-2)

October 4, 2012, 3:00 PM
I've heard nothing but praise for the PG Strike, but I would recommend getting the Rouge or the Strike and Skygrasper just so you get the complete package. Astray Red Frame is just as good and either Mk II are also fantastic. I would try to narrow it down from those kits.

October 4, 2012, 3:19 PM
I've built all of the UC PG's except for Char's Zaku and the Titan's MK-II, and for the money, ease of build, and overall poseability and features, I'd say the GP01 and the Zeta are the best two...

Also, the F-91 never had a PG release, it was a 1/60 action figure/model kit hybrid that was FAR from PG quality... :-)

October 4, 2012, 8:52 PM
Ahh, good ol' PG shopping. I'll share some of my personal experiences with the ones that I've built (in the order that I built them):

-Zeta: Effing awesome. I don't remember being able to pull off any super insane poses with it (last time I touched or saw mine was several years ago), but the transformation feature is pretty cool to experience, and the light-up beam saber is boss.

-Zaku: About as close as you can get to a simple build for a PG. Still an awesome kit, and pretty fun to assemble. I built the Char's version years ago, and I'm strongly considering adding an F type to the collection in the near future.

-Wing Zero Custom: Nice looking kit, but I find the joints that connect the shoulders into the torso are pretty flimsy and annoying. Mine is currently broken in several places, and one of the plastic-coated metal feather pieces snapped off eons ago.

-Gundam Mk II: Not the most complex PG kit, but many of the features are pretty awesome. Plus you just can't deny that the Mk II just looks badass. Just as the name implies, it's pretty much like a more solid, souped up RX-78.

-Strike Freedom: I seriously almost cried while assembling the wings, just because they were so tedious essentially repeating each and every step 8 times. The end product was worth it though, because it just looks amazing, and the gold inner frame looks great out of the box. Great poseability too, though I'm still working on the pose from the front of the box! The included stand is an added bonus as well. Also, even after opening the wings back up and trying to retrace my steps, I can't seem to figure out why two of the wings are floppy and won't stay in place like the other ones. As tedious as it will be (and oh will it ever be!) make sure to keep your focus follow the wing instructions carefully! Oh, and did I mention the wings require special attention?

-RX-78-2: Surprisingly I wouldn't necessarily recommend this as one's first PG model. Perhaps I was spoiled by the Strike Freedom immediately beforehand, but I found some areas of the instructions were a bit difficult to follow and had me second guessing myself in some cases. I'd be lying if I said I missed the LED wiring system on the old PGs as well. I definitely busted out the old soldering iron before I finished the head, but not before having to take it apart and put it back together several times. Some minor annoyances: The exposed polycaps on the shoulder armor just shouldn't be there if you ask me, and the ball joint that connects the waist to the base that accepts the core block is just retarded. It's a ball joint, but the actual ball is a separate piece that slides onto a peg at the bottom of the base. So much for not having to use glue... I was also disappointed that you have to buy the Custom Parts sets to get the bazooka and the beam javelin -- all it comes with are the standard set: beam rifle and two beam sabers. Poseability is alright, but the joints at the top of the thighs seem to be too shallow -- I've had to abandon many an awesome pose to stop and reattach a leg. All in all though, it was a pretty straightforward build, and it came together pretty quickly with few complications. Honestly though, I'd recommend the Mk II over it anyday.

-GP01: Easily the most gratifying experience I've had when the kit was finally finished. The transformation between ground type and fb is surprisingly complex and fun. The inclusion of clear red pieces for the knee and foot highlights was a pleasant surprise, but I'm still scratching my head at why the beam rifle's sight piece didn't come in red as well -- it's just clear. (And come to think of it, if they molded those parts in clear red, why couldn't they mold the eyes and the camera panels in clear green???) Poseability and balance are waaaaaaaay better in ground type, but I guess that is to be expected. Even though the price is definitely steep, I personally think it's worth it because you pretty much get a 1.5 for 1 deal. Ground type and fb each have their own core fighters and torsos, and interchangeable armor pieces for the skirt armor, shoulder armor, and leg thrusters. The slideout verniers in the chest in fb mode are implemented well, and the verniers on the tips of the shoulder armor are spring loaded, which was a pretty neat touch. The hangar is nice for storing all the extra parts when they're not in use, but unless you're setting up a maintenance diorama it serves little functional use beyond that. I wish they sold pieces for the hangar separately so it could be expanded.

That's it for the ones that I've built so far. I will say that I've seen the Strike and the Astray Red Frame seem to pose amazingly, so if you're primarily going for poseability (contortionism, rather?) those would probably be your best bets. My preference lies more on the nostalgia factor though, so my recommendations will probably be biased by that. If I was to throw out a recommendation, I'd say either go for a Zaku to break yourself in, or take the GP01 for the go-big-or-go-home factor.