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May 25, 2012, 2:29 PM
Gundam Wing Revival Project – Competition #3

New changes to the rules are in color!

Please read entire section carefully! Entries that do not follow the directions laid out will not be counted.

Objective: Complete a Bandai Plastic Model Kit OR Kits pertaining to the Gundam Wing Universe. Multiple kits are allowed but AT LEAST ONE must be Unfinished. Pose your model or models in a memorable or iconic pose or scene from the animation [TV series (Gundam Wing), OVA (Endless Waltz), or movie (Endless Waltz)]. Judging is based solely on posing of the kit. The build of the kit, painting, detailing, markings, will not be judged but can help the over all look of the presented scene. Diorama's are not necessary, but again will help with the over all scene. Special circumstances to change minor details of a pose or scene for use with EW Master Grade kits for a TV scene will be allowed because the mechanics of the EW designs are different than the TV designs; however, try to stay as faithful to the scene or pose as possible.

What is allowed:
Any plastic kit from Gundam Wing or Endless Waltz

What is NOT allowed:
G-Unit kits because they don't appear in animation
Resin kits or conversion kits
Physical modifications

Contest begins May 25th, 2012
Contest ends September 1st, 2012

To enter this contest you must complete the following steps:

1) Have a valid personal Facebook Page
2) “Like” the Gundam Wing Revival Project page on Facebook: www.Facebook.com/GundamRevivalProject
3) Take a picture of the Unfinished model or models. Picture should show the lid of the box with box art facing the camera. The lid should be taken off of the box and the unfinished kit/contents shown. An example is posted in our photo section. Please also include a note in the picture with the date the photo was taken. Photos taken before May 25th, 2012 will not be allowed. Share this photo on the event page for Competition 3
4) Complete your model or models following the objectives above.
5) Take up to 6 photos of your completed model or models showing off your work. At least one photo should have your name, E-mail address, and the date written on a piece of paper in the photo. Upload your 6 photos and create an album on your Facebook page. Label the album “GWRP – Comp 3 Entry” Only photos of your entry should be in the album.
6) In the comment section of your photo album please give a brief description of your scene or pose and specify the episode number (for the TV Series or OVA) that has the scene or pose you are trying to reproduce. If your pose or scene is from Endless Waltz, simply specify that it is from Endless Waltz. If you do know the episode number please refer to www.MAHQ.net under their review section to find the episode.
7) Post a link to your album on our Facebook Timeline by midnight September 1st, 2012 (Central Standard Time).
8) Judging will begin September 2nd, 2012. Winner will be announced shortly after judging is complete.

Complete list of Bandai Plastic Models allowed in this competition:

Gundam Wing -
1/144 Wing Gundam
1/144 Deathscythe
1/144 Heavy Arms
1/144 Sandrock
1/144 Shenlong
1/144 Tallgeese
1/144 Wing Zero
1/144 Altron
1/144 Deathscythe Hell
1/144 Tallgeese II
1/144 Epyon
1/144 Mercurius
1/144 Vayeate
1/144 Limited Model Leo
1/144 Limited Model Taurus
1/100 Wing Gundam
1/100 Wing Zero
1/100 Deathscythe
1/100 Deathscythe Hell
1/100 Shenlong
1/100 Altron
1/100 Epyon
1/60 Wing Zero

Endless Waltz -
1/144 Wing Zero Custom
1/144 Deathscythe Hell Custom
1/144 Heavy Arms Custom
1/144 Sandrock Custom
1/144 Nataku
1/144 Tallgeese III (may be built as Tallgeese I, II, or III)
1/144 Serpent Custom
1/100 Wing Zero Custom
1/100 Deathscythe Hell Custom
1/100 Heavy Arms Custom
1/100 Sandrock Custom
1/100 Nataku
1/100 Tallgeese III (may be built as Tallgeese I, II, or III)
1/100 Serpent Custom
Special released versions of any kit listed above (ex. Clear/chrome 1/144 EW kits or 1/100 Metalic Wing Zero Custom)

Master Grade -
Wing Gundam
Wing Gundam Ver Ka
Wing Gundam Ver EW
Deathscythe Ver EW
Deathscythe Hell Ver EW
Heavy Arms Ver EW
Sandrock Ver EW
Shenlong Ver EW
Epyon Ver EW
Wing Zero Custom
Wing Zero custom Pearl Finish

Perfect Grade -
Wing Zero Custom
Wing Zero Custom Pearl Finish

May 29, 2012, 9:57 PM
Feel free to post Works in Progress here or on Facebook!

August 27, 2012, 2:05 PM
This is it the last week to get your entries in!

August 31, 2012, 12:23 PM
Contest ends tomorrow!!!

September 25, 2012, 1:23 AM
WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Congrats to pitchdark!